No Money Lyrics

There is no question one of the single most powerful
statements in mankind is sorry your card is declined

See we live in a democracy and its fuel is the economy
so you can't escape the importance of money of course
you could move to the middle of no where but how does
that really compare to time's square

What can we do, the fairer sex certainly are influenced
by it any woman that says she isn't is just not being
legit and nowadays holy moly matrimony

The shit you can buy today makes money seem like a
ticket to drink from the holy grail let me explain what
I mean as I sit in my economic jail,

Adventures of a lifetime abound nowadays

As long as you have green to pave the way

Fly in a mig breaking the sound barrier land on an
aircraft carrier to be whisked away to a space station
where you can blast out of the stratosphere

Land on the moon, moon the globe (look at my ass!)

Return to earth and hang at the playboy mansion in a
silk robe

And take a few playmates for incredible dates to
tropical rainforests and see a cloned tyrannosaurus

Then whisk your favorite (May 2000) to the great
barrier reef

To swim with sharks and drink alcohol with gold leaves

Then pick up your new Mercedes that has more
technological sophistication than the MIR space station

Drive it to a party in NYC where your buddy shows you
the latest gizmo that allows you to watch your favorite
movie in your sunglasses this life really surpasses all

The next day you go to your doc to get a brand new
liver from a sliver of your skin cell no bigger than a
new computer chip you installed in your dogs hip (Bark
bark) in case he goes missing again then again you
could always purchase the pet translator but you figure
no my dog will turn into some crazy debater and I will
waste all my time when I really need to do is hire this
ex-CIA remote viewer to predict my future (all good!)
after that life get's really phat but why stop there
you are just getting warmed up as you jog with your
entire music collection in an ipod oh God! You meet
this beautiful girl you offer to take her for a whirl
in your new yacht outfitted with a helicopter landing
spot and more entertainment options then the rat pack

She says yes and smiles sweetly and you lean in for the
kiss and suddenly

you realize none of this life is true because you just
woke up and are getting licked by your pup no money is
your reality

your options are squeezed tight like lou ferignos
handshake (urghh!)

most girls you talk to think you are flake

the credit card companies want there money and plenty
of interest they have inverted interest from the ladies

so all you can do is hope that you won't be some dope
with no money to share

that you will end up with more money than is fair so
someone else can look at you and say where is my share?

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