You Need To Know Lyrics

If you don't want to hear the truth, then just skip past this one
Keep telling lies because the truth hurt, keep telling lies cause the truth hurt
Signed a deal, then they lie about they net worth
You can't make Forbes and have a 360 deal
I know everybody tryin' to get that water deal
Everybody tryin' to get that Rocawear deal
Evreybody tryin' to get that 80/20 deal like I did

[Hook: x2]
This the realest shit I ever wrote, This the realest shit I ever spoke
This the shit they don't want you to know, But if you get money, this the shit you need to know

They give us one percent, we think we own the team
Signed a record deal but the money don't match a nigga dream
Then they put these rookies against eachother
They used to be homeboys, now they tryin' to kill eachother
Don't even read when they sign these deals
Just head straight to – and holler 'Shine these grills'
And when you hot, they gone let you use their house
And when you not, that's the day they kick you out
While Richard Branson havin' fun flying in space
These artists out here starvin' catchin' a case
I don't know what they did to Mase but I heard Ciroc gave Puffy some cake
And these hoes and these jewels be a young nigga downfall
They givin' like 50 mil for playin' roundball
Then throw your name in the paper and make it easy access for the haters

[Hook x2]

They got financial advisors just to pay their bills
Dre hit with Beat now every rapper want that deal
How you gone make 50 mil and go kill a nigga
Too many steroids damn you a silly nigga
Now these athletes want to be rappers
These rappers make a little money and they want to be trappers
Buy a phantom and don't have no house
These niggas backwards from the inside out
And ya'll want to be Kobe cause he own the team
I'm tryin' to be that white boy that own the league
And I pledge allegiance to the American dream
And educated myself so they won't kill my dreams
I'm glad Nike gave Lebron a 100 mil but took that same endorsement
Turned into a couple of bils
And rappers losin' to these sponsors
Reality shows think you creatin' stars, they makin' monsters
I ain't tryin' to be the beats to your headphones

[Hook x2]

Why we doin' 360 deals when it's so much technology out there
We could do our own shit and why you athletes hookin' up with business niggas
That never even made money before, to watch your money, Shit don't make no sense
This the realest shit I ever wrote, Wake up man, sign your own check
Invest like one-third of your money just in case you need that for a rainy day
You feel me, these strip clubs and cars don't hold no value, that's a bad investment
You fall down, you get back up, that's how hustlers do it
And if you could help your people, you help them
You don't let them starve, you never know who might be the next you
You get a lot of friends when you got money
But when you don't have shit, ain't nobody gone f**k with you
Listen to what I'm sayin' man, don't let this be you
And don't let no nigga kill your dreams man
Your never too old, never too young
To be able to make music or do what you want to do
You ever seen a rich PD or on-air personality, Anybody ever check their salary
Muthaf**kas always tryin' to kill a nigga dream
Man don't worry about no radio, I ain't never worried about gettin' my songs on the radio
Get your shit in the streets to your people
Nigga get out there and hustle, do what you do man
Stop all that f**kin' cryin' nobody give a f**k about you
Everybody got a problem nigga, do you, f**k these haters
Stop f**kin' with all these broke hoes
Find you somebody with an education or a job, somebody that could help you
Say you hang around a bunch of broke muthaf**kas then you broke
You hang around rich muthaf**kas then you rich

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