I Can Do Bad All By Myself Lyrics

Ohh ohh
Ah yea
Ah ah yea
[Verse 1]
Somebody told me once that pain is a game that we all gotta play.
Then why am I in overtime and sudden death every other day.
I know that for the good of life theres a price we all gotta pay
But I'll pay till I'm poor and I still don't know what it is to have a good day.
Since everybody knows what it is that I need to do.
Well do me a favor, let me worry bout me and you worry bout you.
I don't need no one to put me down,
I'm on the ground can't get no lower.
And I don't need no one to hang around an make me frown just makes me look older.
And I don't need no one to black my eye an tell me lies
Don't wanna cry over nobody else

No no nono I can do bad all by myself
[Verse 2]
Somebody told me once that runnin from the rain don't make no sense.
I had my own dark cloud for awhile now, it goes where ever im goin.
Your tellin me the grass just might be greener on he other side.
But I don't wanna take a chance on dirt when I got grass even tho the grass has died.
Oohh since everybody knows what it is that I need to do,
Well do me a favor, let me worry bout me an you worry bout you
Don't waste time feelin bad for me
I didn't ask you for your sympathy
NOOO I know God is watchin over me
So I guess this I was suppose to be
Ohh yes

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Meaning to "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" song lyrics (11 meanings)
Martina 04/21/12,22:35

The song it self tells a story.An as a african american women it doesnt just speak to black women it speaks to all races.Thanks tyler and mary u spoke to people all over the world going threw somethin
Music&Me 04/18/12,09:59

to JOdi:it does say dark cloud you jus cant read lmao jp.anyways i love this song, i love m.j.b and this is a very touching song i cried singing it last night thinkin of everything i been thru.
Manda 11/12/11,17:32

i like this sonq buht noht to much buhhttt ihts true so i think ihts a good sonq and she says the truth.
LeahLove 11/10/11,01:19

This song is true u dont need someone holdin u back from the world or ur do urself .i love this sond cause it is true. This is my theme song right now!
jaz 02/20/11,21:29

i love this song it speaks the truth it pulls your heart if you understand or been thur what she singing back
Lisa 01/22/11,07:33

This song really pulls at your heart. When you listen to this song you think of all you've been through as a woman,loving,living and trying your hardest. Nothing gets better!!!!!!!
babygirl7732 10/17/10,18:18

Tyler Perry wrote the song and it a very good song Mary like me has been though something and puts she self in this song ty Tyler and Mary
Amy 07/09/10,12:18

well i guess everybody can relate to this bad azz song...i sure do!! sum times life can only be truely explain through music...
JOdi 06/28/10,22:49

The person who put the lyrics to this song on here has some parts wrong. Its dark cloud not dog cry
karima 05/02/10,10:58

this song is amazing and its like mary read my mind and was saying what i am thinking cuz i am going through aloth and have been and when i heard this song it releaved me some because life is hard.
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