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Man yesterday was beautiful
So I'mma tell a little story
And I just wanna say
Thank you Lord for giving me this ability to write and convey my thoughts in a manner that can help other people
Its truly a beautiful thing

[Verse 1]
Lets see where the day leads
Its 3 o'clock and I'm wavy
Hitting the streets
Cameras are rolling
Me and my friends
I sit and I soak in, the moment
I own it
Don't want it to end
Feeling like this every now and again
I'm tryna enjoy all the time that I spend
With me and my friends
And the strangers we meet
We just get started, go grab you a seat
And tell all yo people we came to compete
Its week in and week out I'm giving you heat
Now back to the story
No longer searching for glory
But searching for love and peace of mind
The beauty in life always enters in signs
You listen to me, I promise you fine
Natural occurrences are to define
Be one with nature, breathe in the pine
Look at the water and how it just shines
Through the suns reflection
You can find direction
Gotta stop obsessing
Over our possessions
Whine, complain
We must reprogram our brains
See we all do the same
Most times we feel drained
At some point in this simulation
You gotta get started and stop waiting
Go after it and just start making
Everything that yo mind chasing
Everything that yo mind chasing
Oh I I I I feel
That everything around me got purpose for real
Oh I I I I feel
That everything got purpose for real

[Verse 2]
I learn more as I grow older
How to appreciate life sometimes stay sober
And y'all use to think it was game over
I'm just recuperating from a hangover
I'mma change folders
Get a different book
Gain more knowledge
You gain more looks
Leave you all shook rook
With the words I been spitting and knowledge possessed
You thought young boy what really was a mess
Take another guess
I'm always ready for whats next and whats coming
Tell me how I'm doing
While you still bumming
I'mma keep moving I'mma keep running
I'mma keep choosing to make my life something
Y'all gonna keep keep rooting for the other guy
Y'all gonna keep keep going for the other guy
I'mma keep going till the other dies
Then I'm goin' make another lullaby
And it goes like this
And it goes like this
I'mma win regardless
Verified artist
I'mma win regardless
Verified artist
I'mma win regardless
I'mma win regardless

[Verse 3]
And I'm verified
Let me clarify
That that doesn't give me validation
What does is the people waiting
Every week for a new song
In my eyes you can't do wrong
When you impacting lives
And you do it cause you need it to survive
How many in it for the money
In it for the fame
In it just to flex on couple other lames
A lot and that's what makes this difference
Music with a message that's hitting
Music that makes you feel like living
Who is you shitting
Not me
Can't top me
I'm the goat man
Watch me float man
To the top
Levitate elevate
I'll give it all got
Always in the kitchen yeah cooking in the pot
Cooking in the pot (like)
Who got a flow like this
Butter in the pan like jiff
I don't wanna hear y'all shit
Unless y'all playing some nip
Lemme say one time rip
Only show respect that legit
Never be cool with yo boys old bitch
If you ever see me then you better make a wish
Better make a wish
Too many damn phonies
I got real ice Zamboni
I'm too sharp like Sony
Y'all flake man like tony
I'm Wade, man I'm Kobe
I preach man I'm holy
I preach man I'm holy
I'm holy

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