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Fresh Is The Word
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Fresh Is The Word Lyrics

Mantronix is the crew that you must hear
But please don't get concerned
'Cause although our sounds are really hot
We're really not here to burn
We're just here to rock this house you see, with perpetuated ease
Yes the rhymes devise and to prescribe some game for the ladies

Fresh is the word, that's how I'm described
And so sweet is the rap and what I prescribe
So for the people that's you see, [?] are true
For all the blacks, Puerto Ricans, and the white people, too
See, my style is unreal, too tight to unseal
So explosive, so unnoticed, it's hard to conceal
As dominant as my color, could take out any other
High post as I said and you will discover, in time
Just wait, and never too late, for see my rhyme is in his prime
Like the name on your plate, but cold crushed as ice
Much higher than a fire, so hot can't stop for the ladies my desire
For it's them I adore, to them a rapport
From any angle I untangle, there's more in store
Cause on the mic I am controller
Who's down to rock-and-rolla
Put more groove into a body
And no it's not a holder
With a style that's mine, autographed design
Perfectionally put and well inclined
To just rock on stop at the drop of a dime
And in case you wanna know, Virgo's my sign
(scratching and cutting)

Well automated as stated
Milked and gold plated
A fresh new sound with rhymes related
Yes devised, organized with precision is more
Mantronix, soul-sonic like a lion's roar
A roar that's been developed and created to fear
Like a nickle-plated colt with the nightlife clear
Shining in your eyes, like feeling disgrace
Cause the crew what they're doing is dissing you in the face
So you scream, almighty, please change the pace
Because although you did those things you never felt the taste
Of the sensational rapper, Crime Master Tee
The solo rapper brother of the T-O-P
Dominatin' the house, segregatin' the place
Like a drink of over proof with 7-Up is the taste
Because it's smooth, mellow, black and not yellow
To most people I'm unknown cuz I just say hello
Chillin's my thing, I throw parties and swing
And on the side will abide to a midnight fling
Ya just c'mon party people let's dance and sing
Cuz when you listen to this crew I said it's no no thing

(scratching and cutting)
Yes fresh is the word, Mantronix is here
And we're so intoxicatin' like a 40 of beer
Never squared, so sincere, if you miss and clear
Cuz this crew goddammit got too much flair
We can harass, pass, cut so fast
Ya see delectable sound with much contrast
Will import this sport, the sound's assault
Because making big dollars is our resort
So just try, don't lie, it's time you buy
This funky fresh new cut from the main denied
G.K. that's him, the Tee that's me
To listen to the scratch that make DJs flee!

(scratching and cutting)

While dynamic, programmatic
Fly and romantic
Full proof and debonair and so fantastic
We're comin' straight at ya from a planet fresh
On an outskirt state, call it N-Y-S
We're guaranteed to perform, for you to inform
We're like a panty raid night at an all-girl dorm
Taking control of every situation
So prepare yourself for the swift invasion
Of the crew on the groove
So move and give us room
Because a step in our direction just insinuate what you're doin'
Fly as hell and oh so fresh
Takes a job almighty because we know we're the best
With the capability to do other things
Besides sportin' fly girls and diamond rings
With the high as the rise and automise
With the coldcrush beat and the DJ high five
So-a, act now you-know-a
Put two and a flow-a
About to do the rock your a stereo-a
With the ease to please in any degrees
From the zero to the fifties, even nineties
Cuz.. rockin' the house is a way of life
Like the cuts to the butts without a knife
Like Jekyll and Hide whose in their slide
We turn the party out when we're side by side

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Songwriter(s): MC Tee, Kurtis Mantronik
Record Label(s): 1985 Sleeping Bag Records
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