Freezetag Lyrics

[Intro :Mann]
Never stop searching
Never stop asking, never stop learning
There are no bad questions
History still in the making
Never stop shining, never stop glowing

[Verse 1: Mann]
Young Man childhood ain't too far behind
Patiently waiting til all his stars align
Having the hardest time trying to keep balance being an artist
And being righteous without being a target
If I say too much they'll shakur me, surely
Im in it to secure the security
Of my family financially
But I really need some answers please
Reading all these books got me feeling antsy
Finding new truths feeling like it can't be, can it?
Just one anointed spirit on this big planet
What make you think I can vanish
Some will never understand it
Now I'm writing songs trying to ignore what I know
Before that's all I knew f**k bitches, get dough
But it's more than just that
And once your into it there is no looking back
Ignorance is bliss
I used to think that was some silly shit
But now I see thats what it really is
I wish I was a kid again
Homework was my biggest problem then
Just wanted to go outside and just kick it with my friends
Live how ghetto kids do
Broke ones had the most fun, never no issues
Imagination made up for the lack of money we had
The most creative , ten different ways of playing freeze tag
Think back when every thought was pure
Every day was exciting every Idea was yours
But now were so tainted by the worlds influence
Its been going on for years, this is what they been doing
They run the f**king earth with the proper endurance
And we got to rock with it we ain't got the insurance
Dont go against the current
Conform to what you learn
Dont ask whats really going on thats none of your concern,
Whats the word?
f**k the sheriff, the cop, f**k the crash and the ghetto bird
No love for authority figures
How we supposed to be a minority the majority is us
Why you put us in a position meant for us to give up
Just building more of these prisons, for more of these niggas
Oh, I get it
Ya'll on a mission, different agendas
We trying to live, ya'll trying to kill us
And I'm conflicted whether or not to let this song drop
Man I just want to live a life with a long plot
And its not like me saying this means its gone stop
But you know its bad when your haunted by your own thoughts, the evils

[Outro: Mann]
Never stop searching
Never stop reaching
Never stop asking, never stop learning
Never stop growing
There are no bad questions
History Still in the making
Never stop shining never stop glowing
Never stop searching
Never stop reaching
Never stop asking, never stop learning
Never stop growing
History Still in the making
There are no bad questions
Your in the right direction
Go, Go Go

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