Manafest - No Plan B


No Plan B Lyrics

Verse I

I drop in with my face to the wind
Spin 180 for the win
But I cant find my feet its like I lost the beat
Mid air and theres no plan Bs
Hit the streets,

Look before I leap again,
Skeleton filled with Adrenalin
How can I know that I got what it takes?
When Ive come so far, through the rain
Bear the pain

Makes no difference now
Face myself or get taken out
One more time got to live this loud
Back to the wall no turning around)


Its too late Its my fate
I cant turn around
Theres no fear, in the mirror
To hold me down
Im too far, from the start
Now Im in too deep

Ive got to stick to the plan
Cause theres no Plan B

No turning back (No plan B)
Theres no other path, (No plan B)

And I know that this road is my destiny

Ive got to stick to the plan
Cause theres no plan B
Verse II

Get a shot, for the top on my soap box
Pop a zit go sing let my tunes talk
Cool kid, and Im in the mood
Give me combo number 2
Whats up wich you?

Dude you look scared to me, better take a chair
Before you fail to see, A to Z like 3 times 3
Its the basics, homie embrace it
Come on!!

Take the shot dont waste the clock
March to the drum of the #1 spot
Born for this, victorious
Storms break off so glorious

Chorus Repeats
All I know is I cant turn back, all I know is I cant turn back
Got to leave it in the past, got to leave it in the past.
All I know is I cant turn back, all I know is I cant turn back
Got to leave it in the past, got to leave it in the past.

Cause this is the only road Ive ever known,
theres no way that I could start again, Again

Chorus Repeats

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Songwriter(s): Chris Greenwood, Adam Messinger
Record Label(s): 2011 BEC Recordings All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws Manufactured by EMI Christian Music Group,
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Meaning to "No Plan B" song lyrics (7 meanings)
Blaize October 16, 2012-10:33

i think this song is song by manafest lol listen to human by manafest....even better
Bobiscool February 23, 2012-17:29

Rappers suck, but Manafest...I am going to have to make a acceptation! I LOVE YOU! I love that this is a Christian band that appeals to kids and teens. Thank you so much and God bless!
Leaper May 1, 2011-4:31

These are the right lyrics. How is it a different song? It say's 'No Plan B' in the lyrics so it cant be the lyrics toImpossible. I think you may have the song names mixed up. Great song!! :P
lalala April 27, 2011-14:28

these r the right lyrics. i know this song by heart. good job to the person who posted it! keep it up manafest!!!!
tay April 8, 2011-12:28

i think u were listening to a different song. those are the rite words! trust me i can understand the words without looking and that is what is says :) good luck with the hearing aid! lol
Smart Guy March 29, 2011-19:42

nah.. this is right.. i listened to the song and read along about 5 times, the words are right.. Good job to the person who posted it!.. Rock out Manafest!!
AJ January 31, 2011-17:18

Yeah, I'm listening to it now, I can't understand most of it, but trust me, that's not what it says. Something about preachers....
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