Last One Alive Lyrics


A bag full of dreams aint no payin no dam bills
Its all screwed up la ma dick's up a whore's mouth
f**kin holes up
Got dope but Imao f**ked up
Coz I cant find a buyer get tha cheque out
Hold up Jigga
It aint like that
Thats what motherf**kers think I get
f**k that coz tha game aint played like tat
Slow temp but i rise say just like tat
Imao killing more rappers more than 1 2 3
Got em outta ma way up on a runnin spree
And if ya wanna hate me just go for a tea
Just fill up tha milk from ya mama's saggy tree
Coz i got a mama who aint even call
And i got a papa who's just f**kin around
But aint gon stop me doin what i do
So who the f**k are you Imao stop for you ??


Step On Me ?
Jigga Make em Bleed !!!
M Boyz in tha house takin tha lead !!!
Killen all rappers had them horrified
One Coz We Tha Last One Alive !!!


Ever since a kid I grew up la a screw up
Pushed round ,f**k luck ,hard tough and knock Life
That caught me chasing papers like a real mad dog
Mad cops chase me
I aint bother f**k the law real hard
Imao aint give a f**k about sins
For tha next birth or ma next love, next surf
Whats so great baby ??
Imao ready child aborted after my dam birth
Tha best of tha best Imao aint among tha millions
but one in a million some say one in a trillion ???
Imao like friction in tha floor imao killin all tha haters
Filled wit a dozen of em f**k em had em just dealen
By the end of one I have the start of two and by
the solve of two I have the third Im doom
Problems never gonna be missing ma spot
Ma life's painted wit it an art in ma blood
Ima chasin da bills like a cat and a mouse
Gotta debt collectors so i gotta run
Ima gotta do this say not once in a while
So what so great about it thats life
Ima born with millions and dumped with millions but
Motherf**kkas they just come in and get paid millions
Not a single expenses all about dispenses even the pussies of
their daughters has just been invested


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