Justa Bitch Lyrics Ft. Cazkit & S.g.horror

This song is dedicated to a bitch named hector
he's a fat piece of shit child molester
he likes to talk alot of smack and love on dicks
sit up on the toilet spray down with cum and piss
You know we work the corner every single f**king day
selling sacks for a nickle cause he is f**king gay
he take your little boy and try and touch him in the tang
but he makes a different when your throat is parchered with the blade
you f**k around and it comes full circle
you play with fire and your gonna get burned ho
you one the ground and your face turns purple
you slowly die before we put you in the dirt hole
another fagget in the grave and it wont even madder
cause when the choppings done we will shit on you after
life will go on enjoying the next chapters
and kill your whole family with rusty old daggers

(chorus x2)
Hecotrs justa a bitch he's just a bitch he's justa bitch He's justa bitch

Bitch i dont know you
i hear you like the drama
well welcome to the horror shit i think you you need to get off the
Rc dick all them kids you like to touch
telling little boys your john wayne dont you think you've had enough
of gay snuff just like the truck stop glory holes
all the poles of old men got your mom worry though
your hurting bro you need a dick full of herpies
someone will find you in a hole by the river with only men
come again something you know you said
yeah your nothing but a fagget given head for no sense
you got no sex and shots at the mouth
and i dont mean fist i mean the cum in your mouth
Hector yeah you need to respect her
i know its kinda hard cause your boyfriend left ya in sectors
they way your gonna end up
if you dont shut your mouth your ass is gonna get f**ked up


O-o-Once again im spitting fire on this bitch that be tripping
all mushy from those lil kids dicks you be touching
like pancakes bitch you the one im flipping
gotta mention nothing gonna be left when im finished
the preminitions visions of my knife through your neck
talking all that shit bitch what the f**k you expect
me not to flip the f**k out break the f**k out
my name aint cock so keep the shit outcha mouth
its been awhile
f**king fagget ass pedephile
leave you cut up bloody soaking in your own denial
Look into my eyes
look at your moms f**king face stitched to a smile
look at your mother and your sister look what the f**k you brought upon her
does it make you sick as i run razor blades up and down her click
force feed her your moms chunky shit
record there crys and make the shit a next hit


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