Depend On Me Lyrics

This for all my real niggas locked up
Payin they dues, doin that time, you know
Don't trip

Chorus: [c-murder]

I be's a tru nigga till I'm dead, depend on me
I won't rest till all my thug niggas is free (x2)

Verse 1: [c-murder]

I'm in the studio smokin weed with my tru thugs
Motherf**kers gettin' high pass another (dub? ? )
A whole room full of gangstas, with tru tats
Million dollar niggas still wearin', them baseball caps
And never amongst no fake ass motherf**kers
We posse up and jump your ass like a clucker, huh!
Now you can pay a real nigga to be on your team
But tru niggas don't ride, by any means
I went to jail, my nigga post bail
We saw the (jump out boys, too tall? ? )
My niggas took the charge
My second joe's down in ccc
For my birthday, my niggas gathered up by my window g
That's when I knew I had some down ass niggas money
After that I got tru tattoed on my stomach
My real niggas gon' understand what I mean
You can't live without some tru niggas on your team

Chorus x 2

Verse 2: [magic]

Damn it feels good to be a tru nigga
Not a worry on my motherf**kin' mind
I got power, I got riches, I got nothing but bitches
And a cadillac sittin' on shine
Damn it feels good to be the tru nigga
Every time I put this tru around my neck (hah-hah)
Every tom, dick and harry wanna watch my back
And treat a nigga with the upmost respect
Damn it feels good to be with tru records
I ain't gonna lie fifty dollars put me on the map
Now I'm ridin' in limosines doing shows with fiend
We carry killas by the motherf**king pack (believe that)
Damn it feels good to be a tru nigga
I won't stop until they put me on the wall
See I ain't never had shit so it's my time to shine
And I'm a ball 'till I motherf**kin' fall
Damn it feels good to be a tru nigga
I spit in the judge f**kin' face
And look at him in his eyes before I passed this note
I betta not leave here with a motherf**kin' case

Chorus x 4

You know what I'm sayin, free motherf**kers
Feel good to have a tru nigga thug watchin your back
C-murder in this motherf**ker with mr. magic
Etc. .....

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Songwriter(s): A. Johnson, Raymond Poole
Publisher(s): Raymond Emile Poole, Writers Designee, Ultra Empire Music

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