Hype Lyrics

[Verse 1]

I think I'm really changing I see it all different
Got a different view on this shit now I get it
I had aim pass the sky I was really tripping
Yea yea my nigga yea I was tripping
Had self doubts and i really had change that
Yea I'm talking bout when a nigga was impatient
If they think I'm quitting yea they got me mistaken
Ima cop a whip never been the one play with
Got myself up out the gutter yea I deserve this
I deserve this yea I deserve this
By the time I'm done with all ima surface
The best to ever do it ain't no label purchase
Unless they talking money and my mama set for life
A new house two pools mama rich for life
I put myself on I ain't even talking hype
They hit my cellphone they ain't talking right

I put myself on that's all I need right
I don't need hype nahh I don't need hype
Get yourself right nigga get yourself right
Get yourself right nigga get yourself right

{Verse 2]
Ain't no pressure on a nigga but I put it on myself
Thought I told y'all niggas ima end up on the shelf
Put myself on now these people wanna ask for help
Yea they mad cuz a nigga never asked for they help
Got it on my own did it on my own
Yea I'm on my own yea you mad cuz im on
At the same time they kinda glad that I'm on
Jealousy got them spiteful that a nigga on
Ain't by chance that I ended up here
Look myself in mirror know that I'm here
Things ain't never what they seem to appear
They showing love but do these people care
Is it fake love is it fake trust
Make your mind up nigga make your mind up
I need to wake up I need to wake up
Is it paper what I gotta pay for


[Verse 3]

Yea it's crazy that's these people think like that
Mama raised me to never ever think like that
You ain't made me so don't think we tight like that
To the ladies that ain't never wanna write back
Y'all mad at me stay at mad at me
Oh ho ho y'all fans of me
Don't front now y'all fans of me
Just Stunt one time and they mad at me
Stunting on my ex bitch fronting on the next bitch
Check that bitch off cuz she gone off my check list
Why I call them bitches cuz they act so reckless
They call me a dog double standards to the next bitch
Who let dogs out I ain't get the message
If I'm rapping in a song I gotta have a message
Told these people ima say what the hell I want
Tell Mr Kanye West I'm coming for the throne

Verse 4

Ima beast ima dog ima mother f*cking problem
OK now I get it now I get it you the problem
Take a shot nigga but you don't want these problems
Young nigga came up I came from the bottom
Started there started there now a nigga here
Timid ass nigga man I use to feel fear
Used to talk shit thinking I would dissappear
Was gone for a while then I had to reappear
What more else would you want right now
Talk my shit guess I'm the hype now
All this shit that I used to write down
Young nigga came up talk of the town
Used to sit back think about it now I got it
Conversations all round I know that I'm the topic
People used talk about me saying that I got it
Ain't much change people still talk about it


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Songwriter(s): MACKAVON
Record Label(s): 2021 MACKAVON
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