24-7 Lyrics

[verse 1]
you know the name nigga coleone straight g'd up
any nigga that make a move is subject to get beat up
its a well know fact real niggas we keep it quite
no snitchin no braggin pants saggin startin a riot
we got it crackin like egg shells
no jails my niggas post bail
smoked out drunk beatin pussy up at the motel
we on one no one want to f**k with my thugs
game tight we thuggish aint no mothaf**kin love
these niggas kill the bullshit aint nothin
mad as f**k gat bustin at the whole crowd cussin
on the real though coleone stompin in his steal toes
puttin it down givin up the west for these wierdos


I'm on a mission 24-7 husltin
I make sure to wear my death row vest
niggas on the street flashin makes a bloody mess
I'm shakin off my sweat
your on a thin line ya f**kin with a vet
I dont recommend that you put to the test
I'm on this paper quest.............gangstas

[verse 2]
I got to get mine thats for show big cheese
coleone the savage break um down to their knees
kill kill murder murder havent you ever heard a coleone hopin out the trunk
with a ?? wettin your shirt
I got to keep it real they makin false acuvations
tryin to stop what I do thinkin pre-meditation
I'm a cold ass nigga put you on your dome ass nigga
south side Sacramento gives a f**k ass nigga
shit im on one when im f**kin a bitch I use trojans
stay tru to the game cus im out to make a million
if they ask tell them coleone took the scrillion
same address same number with hella weed man


[verse 3]
no retreat no surrender we ready to mash
coleone the gangsta with the glock and a stash
I'm in a warzone everywhere I stare death lookin
but I keep on pushin hopin my sins get tookin
I'm a real ass nigga dont test
I might blow ya mothaf**kin chest out with this chrome 44
aint no punk in my niggas when its time to ride
adrenaline pumpin dumpin at the top of my ride
aint no actors we pull up in your town califactors
ridin somethin cleaner than the presidents mattress
straight thugs poppin my collas open the glove
representin like nigga I dont give a mothaf**k

[chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2007 Out of Bounds Ent
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