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Verse One
God Bless America and my right to speak the truth
But middle finger to these white-collared men in a suit
Whether it's Washington or Wall Street, they're all treasonous to the flag we salute
The red, white, and blue
Now they wanna talk about the troops?
I got a sister in the Navy, she's a mother of two
And my brother's a Marine, 
rockin' combat boots
He fought in Iraq where they bombed and shoot, but made it back
To my mama like a champ
Though in the process involved, he hurt his back
I watched my brother break his back 
for the service, but the government deserted him, 
his contract was terminated
You see they didn't want to pay for his surgeon
While corporate tax breaks inflated their purses
We got a congress full of sleazebag, treacherous-hags and y'all wondering why Kaepernick won't stand for the flag
Just think about it. 
Before you log-on to Facebook and make a stink about it
I'm sick of all this fake “patriotism”
 if y'all were really patriotic you'd be tweetin' bout the cheatin' taking place in our system
Like how we're working slaves, entangled by the chains of big business,
 with racial labor divisions,
 and discrimination in pays between a man and a woman,
I've had it with snatching Hispanic parents away from raising their children
Deportations erasing the faces of millions
While incarceration rates are blatant displays
 of what's taken place by putting profit in prisons
Now black Americans are the victims of disparities in em'
See it's institutional racism
But I don't see no movement from politicians,
They rather sit and bask in the wealth 
by themselves
Yo the pitchforks are coming,
 I tell ya

Verse Two
Election day I watched the news 
and the media crews
Only to witness the abusive propaganda they skewed
And used to lure the viewers into distorted influence
Giving us contorted visions of a nation said to be “doomed”
Yeah we got problems…
But they ain't gonna tell us how to solve em'
Not if fear tactics make the people blindly want to follow
So all their talk 
isn't substantive, it's hollow
Journalism must have sold it's soul to the dollar
See journalism..
Forgot about us God, 
now we're out here on our own without a voice to be hollered
When freshman year of college I would volunteer my hours at a homeless shelter feeding humans they wouldn't acknowledge
But maybe I'm an optimist...
Cause I still think WE THE PEOPLE got the power
I still think we're all equal, yeah regardless of the evil
That we're facing in our nation so I'm taking it to congress!
This one's for the people that our government's forgotten
Our gays, Muslims, atheists, the natives and impoverished
The list goes on and on
 but what I'm really trying to say is whether black, white, or purple 
every person is the same 
in this province
It ain't about Hillary or Donald
Nah, this about the black lives that matter in the projects
And the policemen in uniform, serving us with honor
Divisiveness is not the objective, nor what I sponsor
But I'ma do what's right, even if it isn't popular
Sitting back while history's written by the hands of monsters, ain't an option
American's fought tooth and nail for progress
Even when it was war, to have slavery abolished…
And just look how far we've gotten...
Now what we've yet to still accomplish...
I understand that we won't all agree
But what really makes us great isn't policy, or ideologies, it's equality
And Dr. King said it best y'all
He said,
“No one is free until we all are free”
He said “No one is free until...”

You tell me

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