6AM In Seattle Lyrics

SONG: 6AM in Seattle

Okay, I'm comin down, super fly
Very cloudy flight, fam, I hope they cleared the runway
Takin off gettin' high, and who can blame me for gettin' sweeted on a Saturday afternoon
That kush sweeter than a satsu-ma
Be gettin pissed caused we reaking up the back room
Ah man, I'm feelin' like a billion bucks
Kush fire, dealer whippin' in fire truck
Yeah buddy, I hope u flying with me
Red, red wine I'm drinking that strictly
She brought the white, her friends rollin up the sticky
Got a problem with my belt, stewardess can you assist me?
Uhh, okay im settled in, I'm good now
Got no foundation but she want me to lay the wood down
It sounds good and I think Im gonna follow thru
Why not be yourself please tell me what is stoppin' you?
Cause Aubrey did it mane he wasn't supposed to
And Abel did it mane but he wasn't supposed to

The whole World will tell you that you not supposed to
So be very careful when those limits be approachin' you
Kids they grow up put there hands in the cookie jar
Reminisce thick clouds fillin' up a smokey car
Game and ‘Ye said it girl, "you wouldn't get far"
By “f*cking with a dude like me,” but here you are so um
We can keep flying on this fly plane
Or watch Planet Earth, Life, or some other high thangs
Yeah you know, sweeted chillin' on my Netflix
I'm into this new girl but I'm thinking about my next hit
Moms real worried think im living too wreckless
I'm a hustler Ma and you know I can't help it (Mama!)
Huh, you know the drill, lay back
So while I have you here hear I'd like to say, "what up world?"
Two thumbs for the camera and the homie with the dime sack
I'm banking on this party, please tell me where the dimes at
Tell me where the dimes at
I'm bankin' on this party
Please tell me where them dimes at
Tell me where the dimes at
Banking on this party please
Tell me where the dimes at
Tell me where the dimes at
I'm banking on this party please
Tell me where the dimes at

You know its red wine in my mixture
Its blue weed in my spliffa
She lean n I might kiss her
Them texts say'n I miss ya
Them texts saying come back home
I'm here now so lets roll
I fight hard I ride hard I die hard
Khal Drogo
The city been sleepless
My people party every night
They going to need this
These new sounds of my life
And middle finger to f*ck boys critiquing on my flow
Die slow
And they don't know that she keep
Askin' if I am fine or am I doin' great?
Well I been writing rhymes tryna move some real estate
Tryna get my mama in a place lil' closer to the lake (mama!)
All I try to do is grind, keep motivated and create
Can you understand me on that mental?
I've been grindin all day all night this ain't accidental
Blowin' up was consequential
My grind last year polar opposite of gentle

And they wonda why that foot up on ya'
I know some bad bad bitches down in california
Yeah, but I be grinding every f*ckin' night
I be working easy 6 hours past mid-night
Man Im mobbin'.. Im f*ckin' goin' in I promise that
Won't stop till I'm at the top of where this mountain at
Yeah, 'cause in about twelve months I'm blow this thang open and cop my f*ckin' range rover
Barely sober when I'm coming off the top
Did it again
And I came up on the scene
They questionin' the kid
Where you from? who you with?
What you be reppin'?
And I tell lay back let me fill you in
I'm from that Seatown, but half my family in the 808
I played ball, graduated high school in the zero-eight
Had a lot of dreams
I chased em all from a kid
Now just postin smokin talkin bout the dopest shit we did
Man thats motivation!
Imma tell u that, that's real shit
Why I been on my grind since 89 baby way back!
Oh yeah, cause I'm back up in the f*ckin' layer
They know that I can ball, before I dropped they were like, "Yo Player"

When you drop it make em f*ckin' feel it
{f*ckin' feel it}
When you drop it make em f*ckin' feel it
{f*ckin' feel it}
When you drop it make em f*ckin' feel it
{f*ckin' feel it}
Oh man they gon f*ckin feel itt!!

Place it twice so you know it's real
Create & be real
Museum season
We in here
Raw fangers
Lu n lux we out

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Songwriter(s): Luce Lutu

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