No Problems Lyrics

Lucci Lou:
Little nigga in a 2-Door six
Show my ass as you can see, no shit
I'm talking straight off the showroom shit
When you're talking about weight, I'm the nigga they get
By the way, I'm in a six with your chick
45 on my hip, don't trip or hear this: [Bang]
I'm talking point-blank bitch
First you had it on your mind, now you can't think shit
Yeah Lucci crazy
Fall up in the spot, all Gucci baby
Quick to do your lady
Send her on a date, when she's through she pays me
Now that's pimpin' dog
Quick to slap a ho if she piss me off
Then it's back to the kitchen?
Wrap them hoes up then I ship them off

Well a little bit of money never hurt nobody
But if you're trying to take mine, I'mma hurt somebody
And I'mma ball up until I'm dead and gone
We don't want no problems, boy you don't want no problems

Lil' Wayne:
Talk that shit, get your shit f**ked up
Got a bitch who chop dicks and a bitch who cuts nuts, which one of these hoes you want? Pimp
Call my nigga Fee, say he in for the night
Saw a nigga I was beefin' with at a red light
On his forehead was a little red light
Put his ass to sleep, don't let the bed bugs bite
I'm telling you dog
AK-47 and all
Big nuts bitch, medicine balls
I'm high as shit, I see heaven and all
And I ain't lying, I'm flying. Pelican yall
But don't f**k with me, stay celibate dog
Picture this shit: the bitch who you with wanna hop on my dick, and never get off
Never get off
I mean- I mean even when I tell her "get off"
Ol' fruity ass nigga
One head shot, watch your watermelon come off
Young Mula baby!
Hey Flow, let's race our Bugattis


Hey, now when the hell's money been a problem, I can't tell
Lord knows I ain't never seen a rich man mad as hell
That's why I'm working all night long til I make my bail
And I've been on my mail


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