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Fig Leaves, Hyperspace
Lorenzo Asher
Police Lights In London
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Fig Leaves, Hyperspace Lyrics


Outsides an army, outsides a war zone
Outsides a mess now, let's take the shores home
Let's dream of oceans (oceans)
Let's let the wind play your song (blue skies)
Golden beaches, close eyes
And if your eyes are closed, if your eyes are closed
How do you see a thing, how do you see a thing

[Verse 1]

Like the Alexander archipelago, wolf
Geographically isolated without your love in my book
I see em in danger, they rabbits foots
Sustained or strengthen, good luck in thinking that way
This concrete jungle I pray, I'm not prey
Cause they cased
Don't lose the seasons or lose the seat to a lighter complexion
As long as I'm breathing Rosa Parks shall not be forgotten
No problem
I remain seated
With Jodeci in my CD
Player, Playing For Keeps
I pop two ambien
I dream gargantuan
I die in my sleep, wake up tarantulas
Like Brad and Angela
So many eyes on me
A bad example but I set examples of how life should be
Who the f*ck said in this life you can be what you want to be
That's a lie
We'll go as far as allowed
Those power clouds of hunger games
Won't utter names
Of radical gov
Or political extremists
Scheming, screaming to JFK him
Or Doctor King him
Operation north woods in camp femur
Nikola Tesla, Towers of Reason
I'm not a coward believe it, believe in what you wanna
Trivial, trivia, tremor set
And I'll put my head down so I lose a thought
And diminish what all was finished
Assuming that's all from heart
Assuming you can really hear this, assuming you're partly smart
I presume my pennants [?] a fresh start
Before I can finish a sentence
My soul is an orbit ordered in outer body experience
Hope you recorded visual documentation of it
Physical calculations of [?] concussions
I lose my stomach, my spinal cord then erupts
I combust combine with instructions for lust
The luck in conjunction with us
And what you get is substance
Please let there be substance
Please let there be substance
Please let there be something
Lining in the baseline and percussion
Ah, I feel them losing interest
Not enough talk about women or Benz's
Pardon the attempts to just talk some sense to the consensus
Sweet dreams fermented
Sugar, sugar don't you worry
I'll be there in a hurry
And if you have to drive the hearse than I felt the world don't deserve me

[Verse 2]

But peace, love and prosperity built to all
Into you, dog
Then China calls and all the malls
I know about all but a couple, touche
But I work my fingers to the bone, I earned that gold like Usain
It's too late to clear my conscience, doomsday
We fear for bombings
Troubled teens and their hobbies
Landfills filled up with bodies
I know
I couldn't tell you about Somali's I know
Cause their pirates and Captain Philips wouldn't survive on that boat
I see violence in the near future unless the economy grows
I see riots, go grab a bible pray you can hide in your homes
These kids, they need some guidance
Not genocide and narcotics
Inspire them to aspire to be doctors, lawyers, in college
Bravo, speak Morris code teach [?]
I walk through Pyro
Witness Pablo Picasso's apprentice in hieroglyphics
I live for today, I die tonight, wake up tomorrow
Trippin amphetamines in my system so baby girl
I had to, so baby girl I had to run cause
Here they come and I feel numb

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