Hip 2 Da Game Lyrics

(you know what? )
(you know what? )
(you know what? )

[ chorus ]
I'm hip to the game (right)
I'll always be the same (true)
Cause whether I'm broke or got fame
Sunshine or rain
Ain't a damn thing changed

[ verse 1 ]
Finesse fell off, that's what some figure
You better see mary blige and get the 411, nigga
I rock rappers frequently
I'm like stevie wonder, I can't see a brother beatin me
Wanna throw joints? you get spanked, fella
Wanna talk dough? I'm seein more cash than a bank teller
Wanna talk girls, you can't follow this
I been through more skins than the average dermatologist
I'm no joke on a fast or slow tip
Pockets stay so thick, be on some down-low shit
I turn mc's red fast
I never sell out, f*ck that, yo, I'm dead ass
I'm on it like tnt
When it comes to this, ain't another brother seein me
That's why opponents always get scared
Cause I make brothers go, "hey yo, that's that shit there!"

[ chorus ]

[ verse 2 ]
Brothers better lounge when I pass through town
(you better recognize) don't know? better ask around
Word life, I'm not a new figure
They say good things come to those who wait - I'm overdue, nigga
I lounge and rock tunes
The way I be savin the day, give me a cape and a costume
But no, it's not batman, it's the original blackman
That goes back like the gap band
I don't run scams, got dumb fans
Yo, I'm one man that's quick to toast a nigga like a sun tan
People wondered would I rock again?
Shit, rap without finesse is like life without oxygen
It's no quiz, I get biz, you know what the deal is
Rap ain't shit if it ain't real, kid
Can't a rapper outplay me
(do your thing, kid) word life, no doubt, baby

[ chorus ]

[ verse 3 ]
I don't stutter, I'm so butter, like no other
Word, I'm that funky type of soul brother
I get stupid, but I'm dumb wise, I'm one guy
That can rock a party from night until sunrise
You can't mess with the rap lord
That's like sayin you can dunk when you can't touch the backboard
Ha, I got the smooth rep
I got styles that kung-fu muthaf*ckas didn't use yet
How long I been rockin raps?
Since niggas was wearin lee's, mark-necks and sportin stocking caps
Plus I be flippin figures
In '95 and beyond, best believe I got some shit for niggas

(you know what? )
(you know what? )
(you know what? )

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Songwriter(s): HALL ROBERT A
Record Label(s): 1995 Tommy Boy Music Marketed by Rhino Enterntainment, a Warner Music Group Company All Rights Reserved
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