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Shine Lyrics

Yea no love without pain
It takes a lot to see the sun through the rain
And f*ck the love cuz they judge when u walk out
Maybe bcuz my wrist shining when it dark out
Took the city but it's really not enough
On top of my city but I'm still lookin up
I wanted more
Got the key to success but these nigas afraid to open the door
U can't argue I'm the best that's a fact nigga
The problem is I'm in a city full of whack niggas
I maintain can't explain how it hurts
When niggas lookin atchu like the best of the worst
They should be proud how we rose from the dirt
I got em showin respect from hard work
I took my time and worked hard till the rest came
These niggas makin checkers moves ina chess game

(Hook )Yeah nothin was the same
It takes a lot to see the sun through the rain
Tell em bring the stars out...
It funny how we even shinin when it's dark out (2x)

On my back like I never left shit
Niggas know they fans be they clain that I'm whack shit...
At it more to you...
Don't hatin ever get borin to you
f*ck it more to they say that number don't lie... so I went and got my
Numbers up
But now they lookin at the numbers but my numbers got some commas
And they wonder why I wonder what the f*ck is up
My single got more views then His mixtape, my mixtape doin number too
Now these niggas come around but the niggas I'm around got me lookin in the
Crowd like who tf is u
U wasn't shootin in the gym nigga
U aint my mutherf*ckin friend nigga
We was koo in the start that's true
But now I'm lookin atchu like where the f*ck do I begin nigga
Gimmie love baby
U understand what I'm sayin when I'm singin dhat
Juss enough baby
Don't need too much for a crush u agree wit the that
It's juss lust baby
He got a problem stare when my middle finger at
Yea cuz I dnt give a f*ck if yo girl wanna f*ck imma tell er ass to bring
It back(bring it back)

(Hook 2x)

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