Vanilla Soft Serve


Vanilla Soft Serve Lyrics (feat. Ruben Slikk)

[Intro: Lofty305]
Its the base head cap right
Lil bitch, get that
And I'm the motherf*cking black mac

[Verse 1: Lofty305]
I'm going in yall niggas going impster
I'm getting high cause I know its the answer
You try to romance a girl go dancer
I check her bank and i long dick lance her
Not a black panther, blacked out voltron
Connect the rhymes like electrons
Make a beat and flow uh
Rolling blunts, smoke one
Strictly rich bitches i ain't f*ckin with the broke ones
Its the shogun
Leave a microphone broken
Just like the hoes cause its poetry emotion
f*cking with the purest of the cocaine
The niggas selling purple, potion
Gotta have tokens, to get in the game
Super soak it, ya you know im wetting your team
Out spoken, i ain't never threaten the lane
Quit hating motherf*cker you be getting a scene
[Verse 2: Lofty305]
Metro zu coming base shooting plasma
Outer space cannons, f*ck niggas have spasms
Grab em, by their shirt collars tell them wake up
Bitch you know i nutted on your girlfriends face, what
Bitch you know was dripping on down to her a-cup
Accept the fact that you wifed up a slut
Stay blunt and stay Jed up
Stay paid if forever getting blazed up
And when a bitch lookie lookie i amaze her
And if she stingy with the cookie i dont chase her
Keep it plain uh, no i dont date her
I dont own nobody you can take her
I tell her bye it was fly see you later
She dont even wanna leave she a flaker
She wanna swagged out cyber punk skater
Now I'm going out of town just to shake her

[Verse 3: Ruben Slikk]
She wanna a nigga who can get a bitch the good dick
Ruben slikk came through and the jug thick
Yea, thick syrup for the 40
Make drip drop for the cup in the morning
Chyea, i stay fiending for the green mayne
Lacing it put the f*cking hat to the shish, yes yes!
And you going nigga macking
Beat the p*ssy up till i make the shit queef
And im back in the booth smoking weed getting high
Yea my nigga thats the truth
Got the hash in the joint so you know we getting splifted
Told the f*cking hoe go head get richter
On the f*cking dick when she rise it, hard
Smoking on my dope, yes i serve hard
Rocked up caine and i got it for the low
400 for the half, 800 for the o, go go

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Record Label(s): 2011 Lofty305
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