The Product Lyrics (feat. Dj Kayslay, Fred & Vado)

[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
Ayo it's DJ Kay Slay the drama king
And y'all know I'm the king of talking dirty
I'm in the building with my nigga Loaded Lux, Fred the Godson, Vado
Hip hop ain't dead, some of you niggas ears is just f*cked up

[Verse 1: Loaded Lux]
Yeah, and we rocking out this bitch
I might pull up on yo' hits, horse jockey whip, popping shit
And I'm talking dirty to the opposites, this p*ssy opp and since
[?] 'em know they gotta fight, old Rocky flicks
I'm pounding on 'em, I be pressing squares, get the waffle mix
You new men you, outta order, they ain't paying out for this
[?] you, got to mister mountain cliff, out yeah
Tag names still on housing bricks, bitch we out here
If I don't know you I don't do rap with you, few factual
Who's actual? Matter fact I mean who's asking you, actor you?
From 106 I was parking niggas, since Chinese Jin had the juice
Midas chronic swoop blue khaki suit yeah absolutely I'm back with proof

[Interlude 1: DJ Kay Slay]
Man this is true lyricism at its finest
You sucker niggas out here, this is the product, leaving you niggas starstruck
If you knew better, you'd do better
I'm talking greazy nigga, dirty like a motherf*cker
Clean ya' speakers
[Verse 2: Fred the Godson]
Ay, a'ight Loaded
Hold up
Message they relate it to me, papi made it for me
Vado and Lux related to me, creatively
Grams, the pan was in they pay guap
Woman Rollie, now my wife like Pamela Anderson, see my bae watch
She's on my head I'm on that green, Baywatch
All that mean's I'm getting green, they watch
Gordo bar for bar, he murder shit with the words he spit
Convert it to a suit, I could serve him in real conservative
Facts, y'all broke to me, and that's gross to me
Front of the grocery, that's what grows for me
Hip hop, y'all can't get close to me
Jay-Z said I'm so crazy, Jadakiss he toast to me

[Interlude 2: DJ Kay Slay]
Everything be bars 360 degrees
So all that wack rap shit, we coming around to the real rap shit
If you do more listening, then you do not listening
You could avoid a whole lotta trial and tribulation in ya' life, sucka

[Verse 3: Vado]
Lux what up slime?
Get it straight, [?} been getting that cake
When they see V in the hood they like 'bro
Let me hold something if you could', I'm like 'no'
My team be more than good, they all know
They ain't gotta go online to buy pro
Slime all on his BS, with some slimes from the BX
'Cause terror like TS, they from a era you'd be less
Do whatever for respect, in the lever the heat kept
Nah Beretta is better, to get it through metal detect'
I know, every day I prevail while waking up to a scale
Itching to make a sale and wishing the haters well
Hitting the bankers well and leaving no paper trail
Hearing the latest tales how some of 'em late to fail

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Songwriter(s): Vado, Fred The Godson, DJ Kay Slay, Loaded Lux
Record Label(s): 2017 Loaded Lux
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