Money Rules The World Lyrics

Be cool baby okay., eh bitch come here, you out cha
motherf**king mind come here I ain't throwin my pay
away the f**k wrong with you bitch. nigga money don't
grow on trees I work hard for this shit
You'll get lined up no day, use my head more then my
dick keep my bank roll on my mind love my click more
then my chick haters all over my shit then I slide more
then I slip in and out then I dip all I been about was
my grip
Treat my dinner like it's my last hoping the car don't
crash cause I'm high and drunk the wine and skunk gots
me off my ass.ask any motherf**kas you want they know
I'm hot I control the block and I hold the glock know
just which words to use to get the hole pop
Lil niggas want doe or not they think I think I'm I'll
I think they think the same fake niggas can't keep it
real. soft niggas ganna wait their turn a real G ganna
skip the line push you in the back and don't really
care how you react cause he grip the 9.
Nigga I'm living fine, my car my crib is mine why
should she have her piece I'm not the marriage kind.
Money rules the world, money rules the world (new
year), money rules the world (same ol niggas, mind ona
bank roll nigga), money rules the world (you could
sting the whole nation) money rules the world (it don't
make anything cum hoes make money anything goes), money
rules the world (2000 and 8 flow)

Pussy comes with paper cause paper rules the world one
look at a good bank account hell make you lose your
girl (come here). she looks good with no doe, I trick
off on no hoe, my game tight you so so nigga what do
you work for, you know me purple tree break a bitch a
bitch won't break me
That's not my reputation shorty I f**k for free. take
you from bad to good, teach you from right from wrong,
show you the finer things, beat you from night to morn.
shout out to all my ex's they help me write this poem,
from atlanta to texas the shit they like to show em. my
hairs blowing my windows all the way down you love him
more then they love you and shes no where to be found

Money rules the world (uh), money rules the world (uh)

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