Cyberchase Lyrics (feat. Lil Neom X & Payday)

Hi Mastamiind
Zeke, shut the f*ck up!

Running and running and running, yeah I'm on the block
I got the beam and the team won't hesitate to cock back
Get your mother to a bench and tie her, get a locket
Simp on a Sunday, he dropped his hot pocket
Hot on the rocks, I ordered ten martinis
I am not drunk, my words are slow like $LUMP (Aye!)
I cannot catch up with flows, I'm in the mud (Aye!)
I cut off the legs they gave me to run (Aye!)
Get in my truck, I got a pump, watch out, I got nunchucks
I'm in a rut, mouth shut, poop is in my butthole
Mutkid, save me from this Ski Mask verse
Imma go to the zoo to shoot down a bird
I'm pooping in my pants like a Rugrat
Imma go sit down, spread it all like Nutella (Mmm, so tasty!)
I am a chocolate wonder, young, black & successful
Putting my hand in a blender, Mmm, that is so tasty!

[Verse 2: Lil Neom X]
I just stole your knees (Ayy, ayy)
Put 'em in a blender, green juice baby (Ayy, ayy)
Like my dog, I have fleas (Ayy, yeah)
Big Mac and nuts, I'm Blueface baby (Aye, yeah)
I just took a big pee (Ayy, ayy)
It was creepy, it was crazy (Uhh, uhh, uhh)
Like pee, I got water on me (Ayy, yuh)
Kiss my son, that's beef full Brady (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Countin' up all this cheese (Uhh, uhh, uhh)
I work hard, bruh, I ain't lazy Got like fifty racks on me (Uhh, uhh)
I'm Obama, I'm like Jay-Z
Running on the internet, popping half a Percocet
Diamonds on my wrist wet like a fishy, I'm in debt
I ain't even break a sweat, Radio, I'm Jet Set
Riding on a private jet, a billion dollars is what I get

[Verse 3: Payday]
Pull up with a choppa, Imma put it in your face
If you talkin' all that shit, then Imma put you in your place
I got twenties, I got hunnids all up in a briefcase
Yeah, you bitches hella silly, I can't keep a straight face
Your bitch smoking green, but I think that shit was laced
I been jacking like a dinosaur, flopping on the f*cking floor
Flexing on these bitches, haha get it, 'cause I'm rich, these bitches hella poor
Pull up with a samurai sword, Imma settle the score
Everybody doing less 'cause I'm doing more
I got a harder goal then diamonds in my core
Yeah, Payday so pure
Whip looking like a spaceship
Rocking all this Bape shit
Yeah, I'm going apeshit
Run up in your lane quick
I-I-I might hit a lick, I might hit a lick
Rocking this polo, no pogo, I pull up with a stick
Yeah, I let that shit hit
Imma shoot 'em like a movie, like a motherf*ckin' flick

[Outro: Lil Neom X]
Shoutout Austin Moon, he basically invented the concept of being famous on the internet, 'cause he's like, really awesome

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Songwriter(s): Lil Neom X, PaydayPJ, LILNEDBIGBY
Record Label(s): 2020 884106 Records DK
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