In Here Lyrics

(Hook 2x)

im the drunkest(wat) highest wat) crunkest(wat) toughest(wat) buckest(wat)roughest(wat) motherf**ker in here the rawest(wat) hardest(wat) wildes(wat) smartest(wat) coldest(wat) tightest(wat) motherf**ker in here


you can step the f**k up off uv me (bitch)

I dun already told you u aint stoppin me (bitch)

we killers from the camp that got the back uv me (bitch)

you shooda known I waz part of the family (bitch)

before im bout to roc the f**kin industry (bitch)

and plus im reppin memphis tennissee (bitch)

and I aint givin up until im seven feet (bitch)

yes i said seven thatz one more deeper see (bitch)

yall realy do not know watz about to approach (bitch)

Ill kill ya quicker then a some raid could kill a roach (bitch)

Im harder then your dick wen it rub genst the panties (bitch)

could giv a f**k if I dont ever see a grammy (bitch)

im gon keep rocin only wat i know and see (bitch)

and wat I see I write it down and then begin to speak (bitch)

you have no f**kin reason to be hatin me(bitch)

but i guess aggrivation jus come wit bein me (bitch)

(Hook 2x)

(Verse 2)

I woke up early twist tha blunt up (bitch)

stumblin from the night before still fuked up (bitch)

couldnt tell ya wat i did in the last 24 (bitch)

weed xanex and syrup yea im on the floor (bitch)

but dont think that wont stop your jaw from gettin broke (bitch)

I got a bunch uv killers that be on the f**kin scope (bitch)

and plus my killers came wit .44s aimed at ur throat (bitch)

you aint got no time to run and you already know (bitch)

your heart took a pause wen wyte walked in tha door (bitch)

the hoes pussy got moist wen i began to flow (bitch)

and know the subject matter in hands i cop up wit mo (bitch)

the louder i spit my style the crowd

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Record Label(s): 2003 Hypnotize Minds

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