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This that rock with me music, buck with me music. Baby come to my pad and f**k with me music. f**k with me music, f**k with me lose ya life. I would like to prove it, but that's why I got goonies. Ever since a junior, I've been on that bullshit. You know like a fireplace? That's how hot it would get. So Santa, come yo ass down the chimney. Behind my kids, I'll leave ya gift bag empty. Rift raft plenty, yeah that's what yall do. I got two tech nines, should I text or call you?

Muddaf**ka I'll kill all you. Put the pump to ya ear and pump up the volume. Knock out a tall dude, bear hug a fat boy. I'll f**k the teacher and stomp on a frat boy. I don't believe in preachers and I've never been a choir boy. But my pockets do hit high notes like Mariah, boy. Yeah, I keep my angel low|Angelou like Maya boy, then I pull it out and give you wings. Watch me fly a boy. Used to be a Hoy Boy now I'm a fire boy. I'm talkin' fire like rubbin' cauderoy.

Oops I mean corduroy, Carter boy, stuntin' like my father, boy, flow like water, boy. Even though I got a voice like ya boy on water, boy. They pay a ton like my first name was Walter, boy. Sweetness, but see you'd rather salt a boy. But I'll put that pimp in ya step like Walter, boy. Chuch and Weezy F's the altar boy. And yes I am a dog, now watch me cat-apult a boy. Yeah I am extra ULTRA, yes a vulture. Catch ya walkin', next you're talkin' to the morgue about extra coffins, HA.

Yeah, I'm hyped like my wife made extra coffee. Me and my wife be A, O-K, I'm trynna shake them X's off me. What is is? I'm back on my biz. And I put that on the treads on the backs of my kids. May that M11 be attacked my ribs and the bullets that I give be attached to his. I'm back mutherf**ka, I'm that mutherf**ka. Besides Barack, I'm one hell of a black mutherf**ka. Yadigg? f**k every fish in the river. Hop of my love boat, f**k ever fish in the river, nigga.

Yeah, when you in that trunk do you quiver nigga? Cut the music up so he can't hit a nigga. And then we burn the car...with the nigga. Burn him so bad they can't tell if it is a nigga. We'll leave ya body lookin' like a lizard nigga. My ??? is chef, do you want to be for dinner, nigga? I'm at the finish like 'what's up with these beginner niggas'? I'm a winner nigga. But now and then a nigga. Shoutout to Nas for helpin' me tap into my inner nigga. And nigga or not, we are all sinners nigga.

So please forgive me if I have to kill a nigga. And the president is still a nigga. YEAH."

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