Checkmate Lyrics

[Lil Jack talking]
Evolution is inevitable, embrace what you can't escape

You mock us, always say they gon' be crowning you nigga
Now everytime we talk you say: "I'm proud of you nigga"
I said I'm tired of these niggas, moon walkin' a swisher
Fish scale in the Franklin, pack a Ports and a pistol
I made 'em play dead, shots to the dreads, told 'em stay dead
You know I'm the king, at least that's just what they said
Crown made of thorns hide the horns on my forehead
My area the (?) via (?)
(?) they don't like me what's confusing is usually they rootin' for me
Told 'em "seek the truth" and now they lookin' for me
Niggas wanna ... stuff 'em in a body bag
My young nigga said "I think he still breathing"
Unzip it and asked the nigga is he still breathing
Vodka mixed with Hennessy got me documenting memories
Of enemies with split identities, metaphorically dissing me
Lacking discipline and dignity
Most you niggas been hoes your whole life
For a low price I can get your throat sliced
Rappin' ass nigga got a complex We can shoot it out or have a rap contest
Still ridin' 'round with my young bitch
If I sneeze she might catch a contact
Got Memphis niggas been bitin'
Don't steal it, let me ghost write it
f*ck copyrighting, we fighting
Before I let another nigga Tommy-Wright me
(?) the kinfolk (?) don't like
The niggas sacrifice 'em til they sacrifice ya
Google Map you in Wi-Fi, shots fired when we drive by
Last week we had a shootout down on Beale Street
What's beef, we tryin' to kill you 'fore you kill me
Still riding 'round in my city, tipsy
Sniffin' coke off her titty
Pourin' up whisky for Ricky, bumpin' Loco and Ricky
Sucka I torture yo mother, rape her and record her
Suffocate ... hold her face up under the water
... excuse my bipolar disorder
My nigga I come from the gutter
Where you can get murked by your brother
Rappers get robbed for they bullshit
Keep on cuffin' like you thuggin'
I'ma gun yo ass off in public BITCH
Spit a drain in a lame nigga face
West Memphis nigga drop yo body off in SteepleChase

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Songwriter(s): Lil Jack
Record Label(s): 2016 Ritual Music
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