I Can't Believe Lyrics

(chorus 2x's)

Now I can't believe why would she do me like that
Got me in the front with baby boys in the back
All on tv saying this and that
On Jerry Springer spreading rumors 'cause he living like that

(Lil Italy)

Now why the hell we ain't f**king for
Can't a young brotha make love anymore
A 9-8 jag with the least 4 doors
Another finery that drills off shore
Can my ride look better than yours
Can I have a bad bitch who knows how to whore
Hit the porch at the house without no drawers
Two full colored pagers of on the source
Eat lunch at Bennys watch my from my pretty
I did it for the scrilly
And do you really feel me
People want to know who is he It's Lil Italy
I smoke so much weezy
I start to feel quezzy

(chorus 2x's)

(Lil Italy)

Yo I can't be nad on how ya'll doing me (uh huh)
Now on the real they doing me
Yo it always be the ladies that be sitting in the rear
Blowing kisses every year
But ya'll better listen here
Be that ex Springer show that comes at the code
And the broken alone
Something I can't condone
Plus it won't be long till they buy me a home
Sittin crispy being in a tank by a jet ski
Why you don't like me
'cause I get down like the Isley's
A true ghetto star satisfying your wifee
If it wasn't for that g no exposure
Concerts autographs she really wouldn't know you

(chorus 2x's)

(Lil Italy)

We were all in the freaknic me and Miami
A couple land cruisers nothing fancy
Long sleeve buff coats came in handy
While I'm doing my thang with Amy
Who looked good enough to be Miss New Jersey
Long distance phone conversations is how she heard of me
Then she started talking about fantasy orgy's
And how she ran through about 5 serorities
Didn't I tell you I was the girl with no panties
Boo you know how many we know with no panties
Please tell me something that I need to know
Like if I want Benz It's already paid for

(chorus 4x's)

Now me and Lou flows in the blue hummer
So it's only right to floss all summer
(2 x's)

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