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Lil' Debbie
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Bitches thinkin' they can touch this
f*ck I look like — a iPhone?
Bitches talkin' like it's they time
They ain't even in my time zone
Bad bitch smokin' big gas
Puff, puff, bitch, no pass
White bitch with a thick ass
And when a bitch pass, I give 'em whiplash
So all you lookin' ass hoes keep watchin'
'Cause you ain't stoppin' what I punt
Look at what I'm whippin' in a pot
Lookin' when I'm pullin' out the lot
Look at what I did for the culture
Why you think they label me a boss bitch?
All up on my bread like a toaster
Now I got the flavor in the sauce, bitch
Ain't a off-switch, yeah the plug got 'em two on
Kush gone tell me, "what the f*ck is you on?"
All I do is stay fresh like a new bong
All I do is run numbers like a new phone
Last week got a coupe, and it's coke white
This week got a coupe and it's two-toned
Double up on a bitch on a broke night
Double up on a bitch, put the crew on
Right back with some mo' shit — oh, shit
Still buzzin' from my old shit, no shit
Hoes talk like they know, don't know shit
f*ck you with a smile what a hoe get
Kill my old foes off, got a new list
Ring, ring, got a new phone, who dis?
Same shit, same clique, f*ck a new bitch
Lil Debbie still goin', got 'em too pissed
I'ma get it
Find me and a mic and I'ma check it
I don't ever listen to a hater, ain't a damn thing
You could ever do but respect it
I'ma still do Debbie, if I never get the credit
I'ma keep gettin' money 'til I only charge debit
Bitches wanna throw shots, I ain't worried 'bout a pellet
I ain't never been about it, if I let a hater tell it, woo
If you tryna touch my riches, bitches
Then I think, it's best you get religious, bitches
Nah, I might not be as big as bitches
But they just as fad I call 'em fidget spinners
Here today and gone tomorrow
Follow trends, never bidness, so they f*ckin' with us
Haters hatin', but I'm still creatin'
And we still be cakin', 'cause it's bigger bidness
Lord my witness, I'm a record
Lord my witness, I'm a record
Bitches busy talking gimme-gimme
Give 'em bars a plenty, 'cause I said it
Lord my witness, I'm the realest bitch
Lord my witness, I'm the realest bitch
Baddest bitch, I'm on my savage shit
I came to damage it
I know they feelin' this, hear me out

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Songwriter(s): Lil Debbie
Record Label(s): 2018 Lil Debbie Records
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