Help Me Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Dan]

Uh, the sun sets, and the wind is still increasing bringing to the whole, the sin
But I just want you to get me outta that hole, and to bring back the sun in my heart, your presence... only you got power to do that... amen... let's go!
[Hook: P.Wems, Laure]
I feel that I'm falling to the hole, that's why God I need your help... 2x
So God, help me, help me, help me, help me
If you want me to get out help me, help me, help me, help me...
[Verse 1: Lil Dan]
Uh! Lord I praise you cause you kept me alive by your grace and you allow me to talk to you about my problems
It's hard to say it but I only tell you cause you know I trust in you and tell you everything I have as problems...
The life is hard God and the world is full of problems,
If you don't save me I'm gonna die with all my problems
Yourself you know, God, that to be on earth is really a problem
Cause Satan got the world and it's become a field of problems
The deuce controls the world and he do what he desires
The world is really changing and it ain't good but it's worse
It's bad for me and step by step I begin to desire
To be included in those things and to do what is worse
It's a temptation and I dunno what to do
I am a teenager God and I dunno what to do
My mind is very weak and only you has gotta do
I think I'm fallin' in the hole Lord, tell me what to do


[Verse 2: Lil Dan]
Yeah... Time is hard and wind is still increasing get me outta that hole (that hole)
I cannot resist cause it's really carrying too much in the hole God you my own hope in the whole world
Tryna get out by myself but I'm going deep in the hole
That's why I say get me outta that hole my sweet Jesus
Huh... I'm weak and I cannot resist it
I'm like a leaf that falls from a tree and don't resist
If a leaf do that it's cause it hasn't iron
Me I lose my Christian life and yeah, that's my iron...
I'm falling down and I am leaving the tree
The tree's the Christ commonion and I'm really leavin' it (that's true)
Only you got power to put me back in the tree
Cause by your power you can put back leaves in a tree
God I know you do everything in your time (please! )
God I want you to come and save me in my time (please)
I'm going deep in sin God and I become worse a time that's why I want you to come and to save me cause worse is the time! Yeah!


[Verse 3:]
Within me, the whole me is desiring your help
Let your sun illuminate my faith
Let your life show me your way
Help me 'nt to fall in the dark'... yeaaahhh!
Help me...
I feel lost, all those sins are troubling me
The desires of this world are invading me
Loorrd help me to hold up, fortify me, fortify my faith please
All I need's your presence
Dear Lord
Cause it means the absence
Of the dark' Lord
In my whole life I need your help, I need your help, I need your help
In my whole life I need your help, I need your help LOOOOORRRRDDD

Yeah, Lord you are the only person I can count on
That's why I want you to get me outta that hole and to help everybody who got the same problem to get out too
I know you able to do that... do it... YEAH!

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