Met God Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I hit it one time and she owe me, she call
[?] my songs
She goin' [?] she say I'm the rawest
I got a blick, I ain't doing no raw
Need some compressions the way that we ball
Call it a stone by the way that it's [?]
Call it [?]
(Pluto got it knockin')
Call up the - for the low now I'm on it
Pull out some racks now the lil' bitch [?]
Stopped with the percs then I got back on em'
I ain't even here, lil' bitch I'm alone
Heard a couple voices, I was sitting there alone
Styrofoam cup got the boy getting stoned
Heard a lil' beep, beep, beep, beep, beep
It's a money counter, I ain't seen no phone
(Pluto got it knockin')
She was naked soon as I came home
Flew the bitch first class, straight from Rome
Told the bitch give me that neck I don't want that cat, I prefer to leave that alone
Jumped in that X6 made the bitch go "woooh"
Do you love Candy? and the bitch said "duh"
I was in the club and they were screaming out Durk
Start balling up then we screaming out Durk
Africa we from, got it straight out the dirt
I'll make a lil' check then spend it in spurts
I popped a lil' perc then spin on the earth
I pop a lil' broad then spin on the turf
I ain't do this shit man the check did
Niggas say I changed, he ain't checkin'
Met God and he gave me a blessing
He told me keep checking your checking
He gave me the will to keep spending this shit
How you mad at me, guy, cause' I gotta' got in your bitch
If I meet Ice Cube he gon' jump in my wrist
Hem on the back so I'm making it twist
I ain't even Chloe but I'm hanging with Tris'
Ain't in the water but I'm making it fish
He like Shaq in the stu' how you making a miss
I'm Tyson in here, I'm making a hit
I'm playing the Sims how I'm making bitch
I'm playing the game how it's making me rich

[Verse 2]
Uploaded [?] and uploaded poles and uploaded whips and uploaded hoes
[?] can't get off the phone
I'm playing the game and making a song
She said that I play, she playing along
These diamonds encrusted they came in [?]
I took out some racks and I'm spreading them long
You hit the back and I came to my home
Jumped on the gram and she jumped on my phone
Like a mechanic, I'm toting that chrome
I'm a real addict, I love when it foam
I'm a real addict, three percs to the dome
Jump in the Lamb' and it's scraping the floor
Caught me and P and I'm breaking it - phew
Caught me a P and I'm breaking it whole
Come get your bitch cause' she scraping the floor
Making it rain and she scrape it some more
f*ck on the gang and she making some more
(Pluto got it knockin')

Playing the Sims how I'm making bitch
Playing the game how it's making me rich
Playing the Sims how I'm making bitch
Playing the game how it's making me rich
(Pluto got it knockin')

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Songwriter(s): Lil Candy Paint
Record Label(s): 2022 O C A Create Music Group
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