Stolo Thugs Lyrics

You f**k with that hard shit
Nigga I don't f**k with none of that shit
is just street strade up

You my niggas riding high in
shht to the dag bull he's lot of..
you know I do when I smash them days
way you know this little B I stay tack like that
stay tack like A, stay tack like yes
ride the top boy you know we the best
you know we don't stress and you know I don't care
smoking air

Shit that's blowing in the air
blowin like yeah yeah
the shit like, get the shit high
get that f**king vibe
you know how I do, get the ride open
get the nise smoking, get my blood smoking
get you knowin, know how we rock out,
rock out with the cock out bitch top bout
f**k it I'm a rock star, I'm a rap star popstar
'cause I get shit poppin, pop pop pop
get shit rockin
that's why I carry the rocks you know I can't..tops
five minutes all top of block we do some smug
then I'm stop, f**k their shit be ride
never wild, the shit don't turn like my
don't turn like gota keep the turn like
gotta make the turn drive
gotta keep my mind over and learn right
do nigga planning I'ma serve em like
while you're concerned what I'm doing
concerning with the movement in the music
but these mother f**kers hatin every day how you do it
and then your mind movement
got gangstas in the back, gangstas in the right
gangstas in the fronties some gangstas in the back seat
gangstas on the left of me, gangstas on the right of me
gangstas on the side if me
right down the block can you know I'm not high bitch
come and down the block get it on by your side
I side the shit

The game so cool I learned that at a early age
if you get you with better stay home some days
if you know about me you know it gettin wave
I gotta move like my ways
gotta stay low key, people know me
gangsta know me, no winnin in the street
if you ain't the end it you wouldn't know that
if you really in it you wouldn't know that
if you really with it
you wouldn't ask me if you really did it,
you already know you were just agree
livin positive, yes that's me
see movie you know I got you
you see little boss I won't forget you
you know little B I'm on the mission
little B I respect you, you're God's givin
said in the back seat willin that grapes in the front seat and we don't
you still stay hot for the says shit we drive by
and you go right, smoking all day
right now with the shit on the E way you film me
yeah your gangstas don't cry just seat back and laugh
I love to work

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