The Reminder Lyrics (feat. BVA & Kool Keith)

[Verse 1: BVA]
It's hard to restrain, when shit gets such a merit state[?]
States change like helouigenics, we're dead I'm just full of merits
Only role-playin if she's calling me Denice, and talkin like she's from Venice, I watch it like Wimbledon
Cause the flow is kinda deep but simple think it might be stoned
I just hope it puts a spell on you like Nina Simone
You hear the speakers moan[?], and that's the rappers and apparatus
Wack producers classically trained to play maraccas, no majors to back us
Thought they'd wouldn't see us on the plane like B A barrakas[?]
Hip hop maintains through the veins, bless the whipper snappers
Some shit you catch and throw back because it swims backwards, looking more like dim actors
I'm always high, sometimes sober and if that makin sense to then I guess your just in a different coma
Spit promoter, but when they start to dribble man, its over, like they died from overdose and exposure

[Verse 2: Kool Keith]
Rap ain't nothin but wack rap now see when i bring the 600 Mercedes out and call wack rappers out
Just to lay this out
Leaf and BVA tell em we still own rap to this day
I'm on MTV gettin interviewed by swade, the most rappers can do for me is carbernate
While I sit with your chick and sip chardonnay, child protective services, I watch jen make a her eat the cake like anime?
Rappers got auddiences they never see, I guess they won't fan away
The club was empty ask your MC lineup how long ya want me to wait
The boxes from my voice are startin' to shake
Don't make me blunks boogie and harlem shake
Show ya team how they use shake and bake
I can't cook right now cause these chickens is fake, they flower based, I'm powerful with that white face
Y'all deodernt under my arms

[Verse 3: Leaf Dog]
Might set off the alarms
Its the reminder son
Your never on my mental plane but always want to be awards
Stuck on duty free trying find a style you can't afford, choose your sword
The master of one will get rewards, makin souls look better like im woking at the morge, had to trumatic birth, born with a cord around his neck, so its only right ya gettin hang ups from what he said
As a kid I never rebeled[?] like the rappers for the wisdom but got stuck behind bars rick sampled made in prison[?] is forgiven[?]
Ya jealous with that look on ya face, while ya story leaves nowhere line a nunso[?] case, so what a waste
Lyrically we bring you the reminder your still tryin bite the dog like delicacy in China[?]
Trying to out rhyme ya but the beefs made up, like a ice girl that never had the beef weighed up[?]
Were heavy weight, like the kid in the line you ain't gettin impregnate the beat with words you can feed the kitten[?]...

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Record Label(s): 2017 High Focus Records
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