It's All About Love Lyrics

It's all about love
No matter what race they are
Be together – love everybody
Who ever loves you – love 'em back
You know…love is like a big pothole – you can look at it but don't fall in it
L O V E - well, we been married almost 50 years
You have to try real hard and work at it – and look away
Love…it hurts and love is the truth
Love never lies…love is not jealous…and love is beautiful (hi hi hi)
Being faithful to the one you love and being true to the one you love
Being nice to everybody…and…you know…and they do the same thing to you…be nice to you
Be open to love – don't get blinded by love
Love is my Harley Davidson – American Made – nothing like it in the world
(Ba ba bam – ba ba bam)
I'm first in everything – if I can't love myself I can't love you
Love the flowers, love the keys – love everything
When you open your eyes in the morning then say “It's a love for me – I'm happy”
Don't settle – no matter how old you are
If you're a girl and you're 30 years old and your biological clock is ticking 'cause you feel like you have to have a child - unless you find a person….don't settle. Keep looking – even if you don't find that person until you're 40 or 45 – keep looking. Because once you do and you really find your soul mate it's a love like no other
Follow your heart – that's it (hehe)
Don't go after the beauties – that's only skin deep
There is a very thin line between…you know…being open to love and just letting someone taking advantage of you
Keep a little guard in you heart and it works out pretty good. You can't be evil – you got to have good in your heart. As soon as I find me a girl – I show her what love is (hehe hehe)
Go with the flow
Never loose respect
Don't get your heart broken
Respect each other – always
Off course we need love
My relationships are always like a rollercoaster – up and down
Go after the internal
If you fight – go into another room, away, relax, count to 10 (let it come naturally), work it out
Be careful with it – be very careful. Enjoy it at the same time…you know…don't be to worry
I think it's all about yourself. Love yourself – then it kind of goes out from that direction
I think a lot of people try to find things and people and courses – but it's all searching for that within themselves. You got to hit the base first – or it's all some kind of hollow
The best thing to do is to talk about it. Whatever it is just talk – even if it risks the other person getting angry or whatever. You don't go to bed angry at each other.
If you talk it through – it's through – you talk it through – I mean ALL the way through. At the end of it you're back in love again. It's the cure – it's the fix
There is a recipe to love – communicate… communicate… communicate

Love IS giving AND forgiving and that's the way it should be. Everyone should love each other. Because there should be no hate in the world – period. If everybody loved each other there would be no problems in the world today. It would all be peace – I believe in PEACE
Yo, love yourself above all else – cause you may grab your feelings of somebody else – love yourself more than anybody else
Love is the meaning of life – do one cool thing to someone else – each day
Take it – whenever you gonna have love, you gonna have pain – just except it – it's the greatest thing that there is

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Songwriter(s): Jacob Riising, Jonathan Douglas, Soren Rasted
Publisher(s): Little Devil Publishing Ltd., WarnerChappell Music Ltd.
Record Label(s): 2004 Universal Music (Denmark) A S
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