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Turn my headphones up yea

Txi Txi Txi all a nigga think about is Txi
If I'm a bad example for the kids don't watch me watch Tv (2x)

[Verse 1]
Young Nigga from the streets, walking in my shoes you might just lose your feet
All the shit you talkin ain't deep
My 2pac roots run deep
Niggas getting beat down
Who the f*ck is from the streets now
You say I grew up in a rich house
Try me you get picked out
TP TP Bruno went to jail within a week
Cops talkin' to me , no speak
All I'm thinkin Who I'm gon' sweep
What you thinkin ? I ain't no snitch
Snitches get stitches snitches die quick
To this spitting shit I'm gon' stick
Till my body ain't producing no spit

Txi Txi Txi all a nigga think about is Txi
If I'm a bad example for the kids don't watch me watch Tv (2x)

[Verse 2]
Young Nino what the people call me
50 thousand for the grill, motha f*cka'
That's why I'm never cheap talking
Something Lil Wayne taught me
My ol' girl say she wanna leave cuz she tired of me being bossy
I don't need the sex, I'm doing me anyway
I need the cash
Tell em' im a rap smith I will smith the beat good like I'm married to Jada Pinkett
I'm f*ckin up the game at the top
And I never change positions
I managed to get the world with no help and no conditions
You ain't in my divine division that's why you can't see the vision
The only rapper who can spit in Portuguese and English like this
Tou a matar no game desde que o irmão do mic b me deu o mic B
The greatest yea I might be apanha os movimentos sou ALI
258 isto é Moçambique se me deves só me liga quando tiveres o meu txi
Girl get the Pom Pom's, you smell me
I'm 'bout to be a champion you smell me
Geobek ain't never gon' sell me me
Know I'm the best you don't need to tell me
God damn I'm Messi with the raps
Número uno catch me with the champs
The baddest parties Gatsby if he rapped
Chess moves only I'm cheesy with the raps
Jackass yo' ass is too wack to jack shit
I'm Jackson you niggas jack shit

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Songwriter(s): Edson A. J. Tchamo

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