Growing Pains Lyrics

[Hook: Josh Brown and Xiang Gomez]
The more we try the more we hurt
So why do we do all this work
For what, so what, for what, so what, for what
So long to all the ones you’ve known
We seem to part the more we grow
Oh no, don't go, oh no,
We say don't go, and watch them go.

[Verse 1: Lavell Jones]
That feeling where feelings they seem to fade away
Your heart was bumpin' just like the 808
Boom, boom, now you sittin' lone in your room, room like, "what I tell you huh?"
Talking to yourself going back and forth
Like this the same old thing that you did before
You, never try, and so you never learn
Relationships here, but then you both get burned
Reminiscing life back in my younger days
Now it seems life has me stuck all up in a maze
A wall here, a trap there, I look around, It's like no one's there, it’s like no one cares
No one sitting on my side should I get more chairs
Is everybody saying like F my cares
I'm walking up these endless stairs
Will I ever be there?

[Verse 2: Lavell Jones]
I'll never give up on you when it’s difficult
When things are going up and down like reciprocal
When everybody talking and we getting ridiculed
When everybody talking down and you feelin' low
When they ain't throwing teas man they throwin’ bows
Will we make it out this life? Only Jesus know
And, hmm, only time can tell, it’s either buy or sell
We by ourselves, with no one help
When I think I'm getting better
Why you shoot me down?
When I think I'm getting better
Why you shoot me down?
When I think I'm getting better
Why you shoot me down?
Pow, ouch

[Bridge: Eric Burton]
People who I knew
Sittin' here reminiscing bout the crew
Thinking bout the things that we'd usually do, when we were younger,
Still breaking all the rules
Still runnin' round and we act a fool
Turn my head and I see you
Right over my shoulders, shoulders yeah

[Verse 3: Lavell Jones]
Right over my shoulders
I said I was barely holding on to composure
Cause we were kids forced to grow up fast just thinkin’ bout our past
But then again now it’s never over
Now is it?
Life without the struggle, man dog please forget it
One word to describe our life is explicit
And if you leave boy come back and visit
And know the game boy, don't burn your bridges
Shh, do the dishes before momma wake up
Peace to you, find yourself, asalaam alaikum
She was too young, rest in peace Malika
It’s crazy how life will shape up, don't break up
But, but, but, that's the beauty
And that's the pain
But that's the joy
And that's the rain
I ain't gon' lie, I’d probably do it again
Made some mistakes, but I'd probably do it the same
I'm finna have a kid man how crazy is that
Bookie got murdered man how crazy is that
Aaron 20 years man how crazy is that
But I turn my head and I always see my niggas having my back
And that’s, Derrell, Josh Brown, Andrew Newman
But really ain't nothing new man
From kids to now we is cruisin'
Our trust and bond is the truest
I pray to God we don't lose it
Pray to God we don't lose it.

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