Dear Winter Lyrics (feat. Jay Worthy)

[Intro: Larry June & Don Blackman]
Morning sunrise (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)

[Verse 1: Larry June & Weldon Irivine]
Eat some blueberries in the mornin', a lil' raw spinach (Yeah)
If you don't know nothin' about me, you know I'm gon' get it (Numbers)
Sorry, love, don't take this personal, but we just so different
You can keep the diamonds and designer, that just came with it (For real)
Boss shit, this that drink-a-coffee, take-a-walk shit (Walk)
Doin'-pushups-in-my-loft shit (Yeah), check it out (Numbers)
Woke up, made a quick breakfast, then I smashed out (What's happenin'?)
Ocean Beach, top down (Yeah), check it out, uh
Move like a beast do (Beast do), pulp in my orange juice (Numbers)
Air purifiers in my crib help me sleep cool (Good job)
Wintertime in New York (Man), had to bring the mink out (Mink out)
She bust another date, now a nigga up ten thou' (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Damn, my life so wild (So wild), I can write a book (Book)
I come from a era if she look, then she took (Took)
Bitch, keep your head down (Head down), bricks on the Greyhound (Greyhound)
The chances that we took wild, that's why I always pray now (So, it's a), what's happenin'?

[Chorus: Weldon Irvine, Don Blackman, Larry June & Jay Worthy]
Morning sunrise (Swag, man, morning, man)
Morning sunrise (I said it's a beautiful morning sunrise)
Morning sunrise (Huh)
If I ever heard you say, yeah (Westside Worthy, LNDN DRGS)
[Verse 2: Jay Worthy & Weldon Irvine]
By the west side, you know, I'm talkin' Rosecrans
Central Boulevard, both sides, bow down to no man
Weldon Irvine, you know, put on that slow jam
Pimpin' in my blood, lil' mama, so we don't hold hands
Choosin' fee for real, lil' mama, talkin' like four bands
Yeah, I'm from the streets, lil' mama, how you ain't know that?
Grew up on The Mack, like Goldie, I wanna be that
First thousand that I made off of p*ssy, couldn't believe that
Stevie Wonder vision, my nigga, you couldn't see that
Put it all away in the shoe box, typical street cat
Invest it right back in the hood, you know they need that
Been out of country for months, that's where I been at
Enterprise, back of the lot, that's where the G's at
I was always told to do me, shout outs to Reason
Put this in a blunt of your choice, light up a grizzam
Hey, Ms. Parker, your booty got me like, "Dizzamn" (So, it's a)

[Chorus: Weldon Irvine & Don Blackman]
Morning sunrise (Morning)
Morning sunrise (I said it's a beautiful morning sunrise)
Morning sunrise
If I ever heard you say, yeah

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Songwriter(s): Jay Worthy, Larry June
Record Label(s): 2020 The Freeminded
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