Female Goat
Perfect Easy Poppin


Female Goat Lyrics (feat. City Girls)

They like Lakeyah why they sleepin on you so hard
Don't give a f*ck I'm bout to jump back in my go yard
That's that bitch the keep pullin out the foreign cars
Put it in reverse to give yo broke ass that jump start
I hit my dance on these bitches like I'm Scoba Sida
Drip on me heavy got these dumb hoes scuba divin
I know they hate see I'm really cold I'm goin viral
Yeah I been fly since 15 without a co-pilot bitch
I got these hoes real pressed and I ain't doin' shit
And niggas lyin on they dick they ain't screwin shit
Who said who the bigger goat that some bullshit
Some put that hammer to her head bring that tool kit
Imma keep it real niggas ain't got no chance
Bring that cheese for a feature I need 10 bands
I'm on they ass till it ain't one just all legs
My bitch dick bigger than yours and it's from tool shed
These niggas cappin in they raps that ain't pop shit
He popped a perk but that nigga still go soft quick
And they ain't never seen me fight but I talk shit
Put them dogs on you pull up on you get ya top ripped
And plus my numbers going up she a fan now
And if it's smoke then its up you get fanned down
f*ck it no more pretty shit I ain't playin round
Bitch I'm the goat I'm the dog I'm the man now
I call these broke ass niggas unstable creatures
An if he eatin p*ssy he a ass eater
My niggas don't give a f*ck who you wit neither
Beat yo bitch ass out them joggers and the wife beater
My nigga sent me that beat so I had to do it
And I be shit'n on these hoes I need more louie
You bum break as hoes still goin thru it
I should give these hoes a one on one I go too stupid bitch

You ain't f*ckin with my clique
All we gotta do is post a pic and make em sick
Any nigga I f*ck wit he know he gotta spend
Any bitch I hang around you know that bitch a ten
Got em off a perk took him out his shirt
Niggas act like bitch so we put him on a skirt
Nigga think he on that he gone end up on a shirt
Made em eat my p*ssy then I put it in a verse
Bitch mad cause I'm winnin
If it's new then I'm in it
Hoes stay in my business
I'm on demon time got you bitches, niggas sinning
Time to school these bitches where they hall pass
I don't want yo nigga get yo dog back
If he don't get this p*ssy then yo dog mad
Bad bitches only where my dogs at

If a nigga double take then his money imma take
p*ssy tight thighs thick suck up on it like a shake
Bitches hard on the net but in person they got break
Baby glock in my bag but my nigga brought the drake
Imma work em for that bag got em braggin that I came when that shit was really fake
T bone that nigga eat his meat like a steak
Slide on that bitch beat his sister wit a rack
Been wanna race tired of bitches cause they fake
Sing my songs in the club sing my songs in my face
I don't move wit no mace trynna put it in a brace
Bitch it Miami imma always make it shake
Bitches think they slime then we both gone be snakes
Imma f*ck someone niggas someone heart that's gone break
Back that shit up wit my ass in his face
Stack that shit up need ten m's for my safe

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Songwriter(s): Lakeyah
Record Label(s): 2020 Quality Control Music
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