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God Fury
Laidback Gemini
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God Fury Lyrics


It's a new journey, the past doesn't concern me
Warrior within the legion assembling becoming everything I can be
Still appyling intellect and discipline just wait until I reach part 3
Expressing the best of my form I perform I conduct with my mind a big army
Exercise lyricism while navigating inside the system
I'm Neo the one when I'm under the sun
I attracted your cynicism
The dawn of a new religion
I shot through the roof and I'm pass the ceilling
I'm more than a man as my spirit ascend
Facing evil make sure you kill it
From King to a GOD
Elevating the bar with no fame I take it far
I figure with time everything will align
Now tell me what is a star
Join the supreme team in the higher realm
I got a cool lean
I relax I stay calm I be fresh clean
In the back of my mind there's a big dream
Lil Youngsta was 15
I know where I'm at got a good scheme
The mission is on with finesse beam
This is really beyond it's so extreme
Place myself with the greatest
Studied the game and implanted my own
On the path of the realest
I'm way past your conscience
Applying the science
I'm just making sure that you feel this
First place with Gold
Never sellin my soul i'ts really rare cause it's old
On the road to the riches
I'm passin the bridges the rest is not written not told
Lord o behold
Peace, Blessings, Success
I make my own way and I figure what's next
Everthing clear educated out the emblem and crest
Follow me if you're ready to go
I make it a year to remember you'll know
Achievin believin in something to grow
Since a youngin been decoded the code
Give me plenty money
Take me to where it's sunny
Where heaven resides make the good world collides
Manifested secure make it lovely
A true achiever, silent killer and a born leader
Strong minded and it gets better
Handsome give em hot fever
Laidback Smooth Operator
Get from round me if you talkin bout nothin the marathon and I'm still runnin
Not worried bout competition I'm in my own lane
Ya can keep fumbling
Don't wanna brag
Keep up with me is a hard headed task
Stack up the wisdom I put it in stash
Done with assignment I'm out in a flash
I just had an idea an epiphany
Now it's bout time I make it reality
Not too many really understanding me
I am not of this world my anatomy
Whatever it takes
Facing the battle the war with high stakes
Black Gretzky I might put on some skates
I see no evil stay the f*ck out my face
1 of 1 can't replace with none
So different from the rest it's so fun
Making a statement I make sure it's done
If you got love don't be affraid give me some
Executed the plan, with precise precision i'm taking command
Hold the balance hand to hand
Either step out of line or you taking a stand
Gotta elevate and reach the highest potential
Truth be told I'm on ten staying ahead
Seizing the moment hope you catch the essence of everything said
Yea the stock is going up
It's hittin yo chin It's an uppercut
I get blessings don't believe in luck
Entered your mind now you're brain is stuck
Not in the mix always in the cut
Still I be shining I light it up
Water my friend that's what's in my cup
My heart cold better bundle up
No limit in a army truck
My brain is my weapon I knowledge up (6x)

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Songwriter(s): Laidback Gemini

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