Glory Lyrics

(Verse 1)
This is really glorious
Not to take in vain remove the pain i'm very serious
Let the blind lead the blind
Let em fall down precipice
I'll never stop giving you gems and all my messages
Everlastin let em know eternal blessed list
My white tee always crisp
Surrounded by angels call me Jezus
Holy lyricist
Escape the matrix lead the way tactical specialist
I don't like evil send him down way down to the abyss
I'm just a pacifist this is God given I ain't even gotta tell you this
I don't throw subliminals and no my nigga I never diss
But if the shoe fits you're a casualty of my catharsis
Man I'm so high and I ain't even use no cannabis
If I'm in the wrong well f*ck it man my ignorance is bliss
If you attack than you'll forever miss
And it don't stop
My resilience is mastered from the supreme top
My music is timeless I ain't worried bout no damn flop
I know my worth so put me in the midst of legends
I try to stay humble but it's so clear I make the difference
With much persistence I'm immaculate
If I'm ever trailin behind I move forward no more deficit
If I'm boxin imma win all rounds decision never split
I'm loyal to the righteous oh no lord I'll never switch
I done wrote so much I prolly got like 5 albums on deck
Even when unknown I'm still commandin respect kinda like Jay Elect
Mysterious force right on my lane and on course
When faced with reality you must make an intelligent choice
But most importantly the highest potency
From where I'm at the universe is really heavenly
(Verse 2)
Man i'll tell you more, this what I do this for
It's a soul purpose it reaches far beyond it soars
Into the void the emptiness refined with strenght and core
The mental will of positivity will flood you all
Ignited by passion naysayers haters I ignore
Give it my all Super Bowl finals all on the floor
If I setback the comeback's 100 times more
I had to find another way because of closed doors
Now I'm foreva sure
See me in the flesh hope you catch the lure
The glow I manifest is not my fault
The best things you can have is not always bought
Imma King soldier to be this great I always fought
Take out the bad take in the good is what I caught
To make sure I succeed in everything
I still float like a butterfly and with the bee I sting

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Songwriter(s): Laidback Gemini

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