In Da Streets Lyrics

Ok, we're gonna get this shit off like this
Class's in session, so are you industry bitches?
You bitches ain't f**kin' up the game?
I'mma teach y'all bitches a coupla things
See I ain't no industry bitch, I'm a "in the streets" bitch
Let's go

Industry bitches, better yet I'mma call you rap hoes
First you was rapping by pistol, then you started writing jokes
Now did I st-st-stutter, I ain't gonna sugarcoat nothing
I ain't gonna tell you no lies, so in my rappin' you're trusting

You try to break it till you make it, but see that don't work out here
I'm on a treadmill, doing push ups, I'm putting in workout hill
Now you can act for a while, guess this time for you to stop
And if you don't, then later we'll be taking over your job

See why you comin' in here playin', I came here to start a fight
I'mma get all that I can, I'm here to milk this bitch dry
I'mma make you bitches retire, and I'm taking over your mic
You no longer a rapper, better go start do a new life

I'm the boss of you bitches, so I just call you my wife
I could show you how to get it, but you bitches do try
You're riding in the soul lane, and so I'm passing right by ya
Plus I'm burping you hoes, so I'm a rippage supplier

You bitches gonna have to stop, you gonna have to stop your shit
You're turning the game into a f**king circus
I mean what part of the game is this?
You know what, I don't even wanna f**k with you hoes
Don't you bring your ass around me
f**k you industry bitches, I wanna f**k with "in the streets" bitches

You bitches don't stand still, but I'm running track
Every time I spit, you can feel the realness up on the track
Now is you hearing this, I'mma teach you bitches something
You still some rookies, I'mma have to give you a potty train

We don't pretend to be real, that shit don't fly with me
Just coz you topping charts, that better, shit don't fly with me
I ain't the head bitch, I am the only bitch in charge
Drummin' with that fakeness, you're whole career get sabotaged

I'mma turn the mic up a little, make sure you're hearing me
You'll never see a ?(true real busy writer), industry
Now a word to you rappers, why don't you shed up and wrap?
Stop tryin' to act like you real, don't even let come out your trap

Now I'mma take a lil' time, to shout out all you fake bitches
I'm giving heavy doses of this "real bitch" shit
See how you got the lil' balls, and you try to change, bitch
You can bet your rent money, Lady still the same bitch

You know what, one thing about it
You can't call 'em the real bitch, but I'm tryin' to tame you fake ass bitches
I'm tryin' to teach you something
And you already know, this coming from a real bitch doing real shit
And I'm a "in the streets" bitch, f**k the industry bitch

Never been a industry bitch, I'm too stuck-up in these streets
You're mind say you real, but the hood say you industry
We say you fake, we say you faux, we say you full of shit
And you's a fake bitch, if you ain't feeling this

See you started out real nice, then you start spittin' that crap
How you gonna let these people tell you how to write your own rap?
They may say "I'm too authentic", don't let this really skid in
You better open up the door before I kick that bitch in

You gotta grind like you rhyme, if you ever wanna shine
You rappin' for the industry, why can't you speak your own mind
That shit ain't real, and I don't know what the f**k you been told
You seeling your soul, shit, I hope you see some platinum and gold

Said I was coming before, and now I'mma stop this way
I see you bitches at the table, when I'm taking your place
Go to my hood, they'll tell ya that it's so real what I spit
Won't treat you like a rapper, treat you like a industry bitch

Now before we go any farther, I want you to hit repeat
Coz you couldn't have possibly gotten this shit in 4 minutes
And I want you to remember one thing, if you don't remember nothing else
I want you to remember, that Lady is a, I'm a "in the streets" bitch
And I'm always sayin' "f**k the industry bitch"

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Record Label(s): 2011 Big Gates Records

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