Burn Baby Burn Lyrics

Verse 1I ain't afraid to sayLike you ain't afraid to hateWanna have
sex tales with you face to faceBetter turn or you won't see heaven's
gateWanna go to war with the mormonsWanna take a bath with the
catholicsGonna find yoself in a burning hellWhere them demons
laughingAnd they got you and they hit you on the slow-moThey got
you suckaz in a cell screaming oh noAnd so I write with my penHope
you repent for your sinCan't take your pills and bottle of ginIn case
you can't get inDon't wanna see you burnWant to see you turn
babyAnd if you don't you'll be screaming like a little ladyNow do you
hear me ShadyCuz it ain't all gravyAnd one day wishingAnd you
screaming Jesus Christ save meChorusBurn baby burnThat's right
we said itIf you don't turnYou better not forget itBurn baby burnYou
wanna play with GodIf you don't turnYou suckaz think you hardBurn
baby burnYou know it's holy warIf you don't turnMy Father's gonna
settle the scoreBurn baby burnna na now what na na now
whatCheck it outVerse 2I'm teachin catsHow to live with wife and the
kidsNot doing time on the bidsCuz son I now how it isI spent my time
in Riker's Island tooNever seen a smiling crewThey wanna slither
youYou know how Riker's Island doDudes get in they faceSlithered
and living with scarsThe only dreams that they livinIs dreamin life
without barsAnd son they gotta wake upAnd then they eat to keep
they weight upThe stress got em losing their mindAbout to break
upYou rappers ain't feeling meSay no room for me in the industryBut
it's clear to seeWhat the indy is missing is meYou rappers got the
same flowTalk about the same (moan)About your little doughWe
know how the story goI know just what I'm doingAnd who I'm doing it
forI spit it real for my kidsJust like I spit it for yoursAnd for the ones
feelin like blowin a hole in they headFeelin like they better off
deadEver since you got your dealEver since you made your milYour
gift was meant to healBut still you wanna killTalk about your purple
pillsRolling thru your purple hillsI ain't gonna frontCuz you phonies
can't keep it realYou wanna holla back Then get at me dogFinally
somebody got the gallTo spit it to ya'llLets ride outChorusVerse 3The
ghetto ain't fabulousAnd yet you tellin usHow you came straight from
the gutterAnd how we gotta bustI've saw behind the barsYou know
they life is scaredAnd how they bout to lose they lifeBy fightin on the
yardThey looking thru the fenceYou on the other sideOn MTV you
makin milsAnd still you gonna lieAnd you don't even know just what
we goin thruAnd if you do then you should come and help us make it
thruNow have you ever had a partner to dieTo see their momma
cryKids at their casket With the tears in they eyeAnd if you do now
tell me how they gonna make itAnd when they feel they can't take
itBecause they know they can't shake itYou just another big lying
talking brotherDon't care about these mothersOr if we kill each
other#1 like NellYou can be on TRLBut if you don't switch it upYou
can still go to (vroom)Chorus

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