Anarchy '87 Lyrics

Let's do it
Blaze that shit up then nigga
Stop talking to me
What. What
One thing I know is I'm a keep it hood
Keep it hood nigga
We gonna go against the grain
f*ck it!
We gotta do what we gotta do!
They mad at you nigga. My nigga
Kurupt don got neal harper mutha f*cka
[Verse 1]
Walking is ya thing. Get your walk on. If talking is your thing. Get your talk on. Imma make
One thing loud and clear. You ain't gotta go home but get the f*ck outta here. Imma do what
I do best chest to toes. Hit all the counters straight to the west coast rolls. Shut up nigga
Peel this mutha f*ckas up my nigga. As we ease up front my nigga. Got a rocket in my
Pocket and I'm ready to bust. Got a pocket rocket in my pocket nicks and dust Man
Standing in this bitch high as apple man. The homie down the street heated than an astro
Van. Nigga in the hall fake as as holograms. I travel like Hallmark cards sent from Japan got
Cargo floating sent from Japan. I got K's in boxes shipped from Japan nigga

Make it what it is. Don't talk be about it. Shut the f*ck up. Eat dick nigga on some hood shit
Bitch. Be swimming in the cut nigga. Always hem it up. Alt ta what bayou. Pentagon what nigga
Self made to stop on Death row. Hostile anarchy '87. Word to Gates 911. Made it what it is
Don't talk be about it. Neeya Simon. Now I know you bitches can't live without it. Without
It. Without it

[Verse 2]
Niggas get chip from shit shipped from Japan
Niggas get chip when shit split and expand. Expand. Expand
You never get anywhere nigga unless you ride. You the type of nigga to dump and then run Inside. Side. And ain't nobody dumping back. I guess you just a bitch like that. I'll raid your
Blocks. I hit the game up. Stop time like broken clocks. Niggas useless like broken Glocks
Separating flocks unorthodox ox. Born in Philly oc. The oconel got a story to tell. A tell
Like mini tells that don't end so well. The dream you live as the hardest nigga might be the
Capture nuisance harness nigga. No escape. No way out and no exodus. Just pure war by
Strategies and excellence. Nigga

Living life. Well I am the boss. Boss. Boss
Life I am the boss. We living life behind the boss. But not I got a hammer in my hand . What
Should I do? Do...

[Verse 3]
There's a bank down the street. To much temptation for a nigga like me in the straights
I'm so anxious to cock back my hate. Knock niggas out the front seat. Got my heat appeal
And ready for niggas to start flipping on ground like seals. Nigga I'm terrible. Awful. A
Mutha fukin ass. That don't give a f*ck about talking dase. Me and the homies hit the spot
And spread the raft. It's all about the cash. Cash. Cash
Hit niggas powerful as whiplash in act shift front to back. Dip past Gotti


Spending life behind the bars. Life behind the bars
We always keep it hood. Living life behind the bars. Life
Bitch niggas, The streets is life,Suckas
Huh. Oh. They all upset. Hood talk. Well let's talk it hood. What you got nigga. Nigga. Yeah
Lets's ride. Pentagon riders. Stalvo - Death Row records. Smothering these sucker niggas
Its that time. Ya'll pull me out the cut

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Record Label(s): 2005 Death Row Records
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