Warrior Lyrics

Niggas know I'm from the east
That one cad in your group
That you know that it's a beast
I'm living on the edge, any language that you speak
The middle finger say, f**k you, comprende, capisci
I do this in my sleep, you unserious
Since 15 my crew and I was taking out the whole cafeteria
Bang on your whole crew, getting at you early
I'm like a state rapist, I'm doing bitches dirty
Ain't no way you concern me, you hoes could never hurt me
I keep a couple chicks that pay me bread mister...
It's nothing pretty this way,
You ever seen a ship, sitting at the table
With a pack of wolves about to eat?
So I think it would be wise for you not even to speak
Top of the fridge to a midget, I'm out of your reach
And stay about the street, we can box
You ain't saved by the bell when them shots ring
And you hear them tires going screech!
Watch it my men are lurking, they really into murking
I'm mean mugging all day like I'm... perkins
Too many mediocre cats, a lot of man jerking
Stupid niggas everywhere like KFC merge with...
Got you thinking that this dude can really spit
You really thinking that them dudes are moving clips
I know them killas that be really shooting shit
To be kicking them bags off like fat people chewing chips
Got gwap when I was 13, I never looked back
So the first chance I got, walk around the hood strapped
I was nice with my hands, I got busy click splat
But when people heard that, them people move back
I rhyme for a cause, my ignorant... the flaws
For keep me being humble and out of the cold jars
... I'm on twitter, tell your mom to mind her bizness
And keep the pigs up a dirty pussy all my mentions
Catch me with a bitch relieving some tension
A spot me hanging with my niggas with...
This ain't a joke, I'm bout to run up in the pack building
With a plan to stack millions and smack children
Ain't no Marvin Gaye when I get that feeling
Sawed off under my overcoat, I call it Cat Wilgens
Send a text to your bitch like I'm coming over
Prior visit, let her know that I ain't coming sober
Her man hit her up screaming motherf**ker soldier
I snatched the phone, told him fall back, my summer's over
Hbo assed up, play a wire over
So you don't wanna go there, like a tired chauffer
Even during church I got her sneak...
Putting the pimp down nigga, Max Julian
You stuck with your quantum you at the movies and
I'm seeing all type of bitches Persian, Peruvian
You don't like it, sue me then, she quicker with the net
So I tear her out the frame like a picture of my ex
... niggas is possessed, yo Kuniva is the threat
Been a fan with them clips and I'm driving to your set
Lyrically I'm a vet, you little niggas in 1st grade
Shouldn't be running your thoughts in the first place
I bring your death in the middle of the birthday
And then I'm out like precious running the first base
You're out!

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