King Like A Bia Lyrics

This money is dirty
I cannot look at your trophy
Do I envy you?
I don`t care about your glory

Let me watch the way you become florid
Shame on his notoriety
You don`t deserve any honor
All these games only for society

Everybody call him moron
He cares only about ratings
I wanna overcome your flow
He always disagrees with everything

And it pisses me off
His view of the world is terrible
He`s happy of being in war
I see monster`s character

He wanna break new law
Everyone`s scared of his dare
All feelings are cold
His jealousy is bare

Take me with a grain of salt
Your favor is not returned
Sorry, my dear lord
I don`t prefer to leave you alone

I saw only people`s sorrow
When was coming to your home
Is it great or awful?
You don`t bring any support
Because you`re bored


King, I want to see your fear
Stop hiding in lair like a bia
I want to see your force real
You are liar with pretending tear

Tell the truth about recent deal
King behaves like a frightened queen
Now see what people feel

You don`t worry
That your empire falls
No, I`m not wrong
Now hear fake applause

When evil takes over
You comfort with loss
Old dynasty must be dethroned
I see powerful source

New generation on the road
Who tired of your course
Move up or take a storm
Your policy don`t worth a curse

Crowd can`t stand a clown
Run away like a wild horse
We`ll get golden crown
It`s our necessary turn

Now put your reputation down
He want everyone call him boss
Your mask looks like dressing gown
Got same mind with gloss

That`s really funny
Tyrant without love
Look like bear gummy
Trying to be on top

Keep waiting for sunny day
Not in this situation
Can`t find a good way
Living in probation

Can`t kill main enemy
It leads to mistakes
You become angry


We knock you down, dear
How much misery
Behind my fleer
But you fancy

You were like a gear
Nothing left to say
Now you are nobody here
Any sovereign can be replaced

Everything is clear
Retire and get along with it
Take care, i hear your jeer
You can`t leave legacy

It took so many years
To cut up this sufferings

No love between us
It drives me crazy
You`re such a bastard
And always put the blame on me

But that`s no fair
It`s time to show reality
My utterance is daring
Now prove you disagree

What, you can`t dare?
I caught you like a fish
Now who is predator?
There’s a new dish

It`s a snare
You must surrender
And had to be aware
Soon lose your splendor
Hey, don`t blare


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