Candy Lyrics


Hot chocolate


Sexy, sexy, that's what it is
The body of a goddess makes it hard to resist
It's animal instict, I'm physically attracted
Somethin like a magnet, I got to have it
Move, make a move, anxiety's too
Intense and I'm tense and I gotta be smooth
I analyze her angles but how many times
Have brothers have stepped to you with conventional lines
Like "Glad that we met," "Don't I know ya, don't I know ya?"
Some brothers might win, and others might blow ya
Her kiss from an open fist, what a bliss
But I think hard cause I don't wannna miss
Cause this ain't a game and it ain't no joke
You got my heart in flames and I can choke on the smoke
The te-, the temperature's risin but I still get chills
You got me floatin on air as the body heat builds
You're like

Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate

Chemistry, chemistry's workin, workin
Lookin for the love light, searchin, searchin
For the right words, cause lady, you deserve
Poetry in motion, words that serve
A purpose, have meaning, stimulate, intrigue
Knock you off senses ( ? )
I gotta connect, I'm comin correct
I can feel the effect, no disrespect, I got next
Time to meditate cause I can feel the vibes
You gotta be a queen from one of the tribes
Bubbly brown sugar, sexy chocolate
Taste of honey, when I see ya I get
A sweet tooth, I could get tooth decay
Like a kid with candy I'll be eatin all day
Subliminal thoughts are fought as I walk and stalk
And hawk and talk ( ? )
You're like

Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate

Am I awake or is this just a nice dream?
Am I asleep, walkin, talkin in a hype scene?
Is this a movie and who's the star?
Is this the beginning or the coup de grace?
Is this the beginning of the rest of my life
Or is it just another hot one-night wife?
The closer I get, the harder I sweat
The harder I sweat, the harder I get
So I shift gears into auto-Kool
Go to cruise control and let the auto rule
She kicked her name, I picked her brain
She kicked the game, I kicked the same
Back and forth, forth and back, around and round until the flames
Burn out of control and the truth seeps through
Freaky, I wanna see you
Stop with all the rhetoric, the heat is on, so let us get
The tension relieved, anxiety ceased, I want a piece of

Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate

It's like a million chocolate candy bars, chocolate kiss
But you go better with nut, so put me into your mix
I make it chunky but funky, a chocolate kiss with a twist
Cause I'm addicted like a junk food junkie, honey's my fix
Since I'm Kool as ice cream maybe one day
I make your love come down and make a sundae
For breakfast, lunch or dinner you're a tasty treat
Too much dessert can't hurt, come taste and eat
Freak freak y'all, to the beat y'all
I'm droppin on honey like free fall
Happy as a kid inside a candy shop
I like ( ? ) on a stick and make a candy pop
And see how many licks it takes to get the center
Of a tootsie roll, tootsie hole when the
Chocolate is wet, the love is moist and soft
And I come hard with the raps, so let's get the rapper off
Of that

Hot chocolate
Taste chocolate

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