Serve 'em A Sentence
Kool Keith


Serve 'em A Sentence Lyrics

[Motion Man]
Yeah I'm tellin you, it's really bad out there
People out there they doin too much
You guys are lucky I don't have my finger over the
Cause I'd push it, I'm not playin
You need more than your hand slapped

[Kool Keith]
Stop and stare, what would it be like
if New York had the electric chair?
Eight years if you caught with a gun
Would that eliminate the fun?
Child support, cut your hand off if you don't take care
of your son
Only people in a wheelchair can receive welfare
Take care of your own abortion
Every hospital in the city don't care
They signed the legislation
Robbery, you face castration
Tough lawyers can't even fight the litigation
3 weeks in jail for smokin cigarettes in public
Curfew, everybody go home at 2 in the afternoon
Murder an elderly lady, you die in the gas room
Rapist, put them in hot water
Let the public throw hot grease on 'em in a bathroom

[Chorus: Motion Man]
(Serve 'em a sentence) Mess around
and be orange jumpsuited for life, you gotta pay a
(Serve 'em a sentence) Fugitives don't run
The shotgun'll smell smoke from the barrel of one
(Serve that kid) Straight whup your body
when you dance with a cyclone fence
(Serve 'em a sentence) Knock knock you there?
Open up, assume position for the handcuffs

[Motion Man]
Anybody with a white sheet on
Not playin, a ghost a Halloween arrest 'em on the scene
Transplant 'em with different races organs live on TV
Then drop 'em in Oz and let the Aryans turn on 'em
Every other race in the pen'll do a train on 'em
You sick duck sick now, who want a kitty bone?
Watchin kiddie porn, the public would go biblical
Be seein your ass'll get stoned
Kidnappers I'ma teach you, your ass'll get cloned
And yourself'll take yourself
And treat yourself like yourself, your self killed
Yeah trifling how it felt
Expect a rading in public assistance delf
You know your saliva was whack
Witness a murder and you could lose an eyelid for that
Cure for total fraud, electric chair is over
While you wearin a {?} for the bowler


[Kool Keith]
Give you a 27-to-life for molestin children
Put you in a dorm, let you breathe in anthrax
Torture you worser than Hitler
Go 'head touch a baby's private, I'll fix ya
Clean the highway eight times a day
Chief officials, increase the death sentence
Mr. Blackstone, do it my way
Stick up a store I'll take your eyes away

[Motion Man]
Act black, you turn black
Or what you so-called call black, you sayin nigga to
each other
You feel black, but what you gon' do
when the feds attack black, act white proper on sight
You send spam or virus, embalmin fluid with AIDS
injected into the body 'til it blows up like a grenade
Red light run and your head will concave
Suffer 'til the fine's paid


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