SummerSlam Lyrics (feat. LIP!)

What you need to know..
What you need to know..
I've been heavy on the game, so what you need to know.. (X2)

[Verse 1]
I've been working heavy, got it ready, never holding back
Mario Andretti counting fetti on the shoulder lap
Hop up out the Chevy, with many portable order bags
Mama know i'll steady machete all of the quarter pack

All I need is some extra cheese, a text from me, that means that i'm next to tree
Perplexity receives when I step the seas, I walk the water easily for me to freeze

Im frozen, young man in the ocean, young man with devotion
Chokeslamming a fan from the van to the stands, with my hands all battered and broken, feel like i'm chosen
Out of ink got me feeling so hopeless, all about focus
Working so none of my homies are homeless, give'm a bonus, f*ck all that shit that you smoking

Invading these airwaves, with whatever I dare say
Im on green that's the fairway, lyrics spraying like hairspray, im displaying a staircase....

'Cause these steps that i'm taking will make it or break it, so hope that I came at an angle adjacent
-to reach all my goals and just make a new statement

I'm on a roll, f*ck what anybody's telling you
That shit is phony, all the lies that he be selling you
Wanna go and embellish, tryna get you some revenue
Only thing that they're smoking is some seeds and some residue
f*ck that, it'll never do
Saying "a better me, a better you"
Im next to "V" like the letter "U"
Well let me take you to a better view

Walk up on it, im spitting that verbal vomit
Pick apart my competitors, clean it up with the Comet
Never knew that I had it, until the day that I want it
These people say that they need it, they really wanna go flaunt it

It's making me that people stuck in their ways
A couple days turn to months, Now you start decay
You say you "facing a blunt and got nothing to waste"
Besides your face, and your lungs so keep puffing away

I seen another UFO go and pass me by
I seen another undercover tryna test me vibe

What you need to know..
What you need to know..
I've been heavy on the game, so what you need to know.. (X2)

[Verse 2: TymaMan]
Im Billy Ocean ina drop top
Twenty dollars, and a lighter, and these tube socks
Show Money, bought a new watch
So.. Ima keep spitting like i tote Glocks
Jeff Hardy off Bacardi in the party feeling gnarly, and I walked in with the Marley
Schooling nggas that retarded, f*ck producers and their artists, they all looking like some targets
Let the music hit the market, let the people get up on it, bet I still shop at Target
That's the way that they raised me, it's Belgium every time i'm eating on the pastry

I pray for em, and I fight again
We know by now keep going, moving monumental
We threw weed in the Fruity Pebbles
That one team you don't wanna see on your schedule

Like Olajuwon or Drexler
"Yo check ball, run game, I got next bruh"

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Songwriter(s): Saldano, Robinson

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