She's Ms. Sin Lyrics

All I want to do is make you feel special
All I want to do is make you feel good.
I got all the answers to all your little problems,
If you can get away then I wish you would
Come a little a closer
I know that you've been told you're really not supposed to
But I won't bite.
What can it hurt you?
I solemly swear to never ever leave you lonely,
So just this time.

Ever since I could remember I was amazed by the way you made everything else
not matter.
I thought of you on two occasions that's day and night
You said you never let me go and your embrace was tight.
We stuck together through the weather when thin got thicker
Better got worser and case got tenser.
We had the official the bond was magnetic
You'd gas me up to do stuff and I'd later barely regret it.
I found myself stumbling over myself for you
Like turbo tumbling down head over heels.
Where would I be in this world if we never met?
Can't believe I almost let myself love you to death!


You might have beenable to make feel good
But you never solved the problem, never have never could, nah.
Now that I think about it and the role you played
The closer I got to some answers the further you pulled me away.
I barely even seen you sneak in my mix when
You spoke into my ear like some vuluptuous vixen.
I got everything you need that will ease your pain
No shame, just stay, you can always walk away.
I learned my lesson when you had me second guessin'
You couldn't afford the real so you bootleggin' a blessin'.
So don't you get caught out there,
I'll catch you when you fall. I do solemly swear.
Wait just a minute, don't even continue.
Mentirosa, you're a liar and the truth is not in you.
I've heard your raps and seen the property tax
The contract is too long and too many strings attached.


Deception came in clear perfect reception.
I switched the source where my satisfaction rest in.
I read the fine print noticed the loop holes
You grab souls leaving them sitting in neutral.
Messing with you I racked up such a large debt
Couldn't pay it off working double shift ups.
Exhausted and stressed out
Until I heard word of a man that cancelled all my debt stretched out.
I was slave for you, now i slave for him.
Shredded up the old me brand new life begins.
I see you lovin cats and leavin them until they slowly die
As they follow what had felt good in their own eyes.


featuring lisa kimmey

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