Angelina Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I thought you left a few years ago, baby
Figured your noise was a ghost
I said, "So, I'm all ears, and oh
Here we go, a choice for a toast"
But then you were always my little Schopenhauer's pendulum
Swinging between two bowls
That's why whenever I hear, "Ladies and gentlemen"
Showtime, I gotta go
So if I change cars while the train is in motion
Don't assume I'm just scared
I mean, half of the time I don't know where I'm going
Most of the time I don't care

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Go ahead and preach from your porcelain tower
I got nowhere to be
But if I leave while you're in the shower
It's just me being me, being f*cking stupid

[Verse 2]
But sooner or later
I'll realise what I've done
You know a bit about foolish behaviour too
Maybe more like a ton
I can only imagine what you got up to
Whenever my back was turned
So your accusations, while not untrue
Aren't my most pressing concern
[Pre-Chorus 2]
I guess the better things get
The better things get less cool
So whenever the stress gets intense
The temperature goes through the roof

[Chorus 1]
Don't know you know the time is coming soon
When the choices you have to make won't be up to you, Angelina
What are you trying to prove, Angelina?
I guess we're finally through, Angelina

[Verse 3]
I tried to lay it all out
For you in the simplest terms
You're suddenly willing to play ball now
But I don't have it in me to learn
You see, I'm in a bit of a manic phase
I mean, check out all of my stuff
Red Corvette with vanity plates
Read numeral-eight my dust
Blackout lines in my English basement
Opened my eyes in the door
Football cleats on the pitch or the pavement
Like spikes through the heart of this ugly city
A half-left message filled up half of the tape
Hovered above delete but can't press it
Feels like a slap in the face
I'd be wasting much time with raising up questions
When every answer's the same
So maybe this once you can make an exception
Accept some of the blame
[Pre-Chorus 3]
I told you a million times
I'm all out of nice things to say
But I still got a hand full of brilliant lines
I guess I'm just funny that way

[Chorus 2]
You didn't get here on your own
Are you surprised I'm concerned
That you're never gonna find your way home alone, Angelina?
You're not even close, Angelina
This is the path you chose, Angelina

Stop crying, you're gonna land on your head
Come on, it's a joke I'm trying
You'll know when I'm being cruel, I promise
[?] you're all wet
And I'm sick of diving, holding my breath
Dodging your tridents and fighting compression sickness
Remind me why we're friends
Look at what the time is, look at it close
Like it's the cut of a diamond, I'm just cold
For the furnace coughing inside you
Me, I'll always be cold
That's why I thought you could use my help, Angelina
It's not that I'm under some spell, you're always giving me hell
But it's such an easy sell so tell me, please, who tolls for the bell?
Oh well, this is all an extended metaphor
I'm really sorry I called you an exquisite corpse
But you always ignore me, let's get a divorce
I'm sad to report that [?], oh poor Angelina
[Verse 4]
Sorry, ah, sincere regret
Such a rare specimen nowadays
You're never earnest at all except
When you're outlining how I should change
And that right there is the primary reason
We never could see eye to eye
You say I should suffer in silence
Even though not every shriek is a cry for help or a lie
So please, help me understand
What part of "it's over" you don't
It wasn't my intention to leave you hanging
'Cause I'm at the end of my rope, but don't lose hope
There's a light at the end of this tunnel
And you should keep wanderin' towards it
You know I'll always be there when you're in trouble
To laugh at your misfortune

[Verse 5]
Over and over, oh, you can't take it but you dish it out
So which of us is the gander and which is the goose?
As if there's ever been even a hint of doubt
That you did unto me as I did unto you
There's barely anything left worth fixing now
Nothing to gain or lose, maintain or improve
But I could go on for hours about your blatant disregard for the truth
So why not beat a dead horse, Angelina?
It's nice to think that it underscores all the bold asterisks
We used to reinforce all the poor pacifist declarations of war
But of course it's the same story as before
From the notoriously unreliable source
Running our course, no communal report
No mutual respect, no regrets, no remorse
I used to be happy, you used to be one
Now we're just nasty, prudish, and short
In this emotional vacuum, our nature's [?]
Especially your [?] performative attitude
Moaning and rolling around on the floor
No gratitude for how I did what I had to do
Ignore all the times I just couldn't stay mad at you
Or at the very least, [?] and latitude

That's true love in a nutshell
White lacunas and clever illusions galore
Are crucial when it's done well
It's beautiful, but it's just not anymore
It feels inorganic and forced
And you say it's normal or unimportant
Which isn't exactly a ringing endorsement
So don't let the door hit ya where the Lord split ya, Angelina

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Songwriter(s): Graham Smith
Record Label(s): 2018 Kleenex Girl Wonder
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