Illest In Charge
Klaus Layer


Illest In Charge Lyrics (feat. Blu)

[Intro: Blu]
Yeah.. Klaus Layer
Cap' Crook
Know what it is.. (x2)

[Verse 1: Blu]
Ayo peace
This for my peeps on the east side
In the street product pumping like Reeboks
Try to diss get your head flown three blocks
G's hot
Don't get it twisted like the weed spot
Blow trees
Vietnamese eyes
Siamese twins
I ain't seen mine
I need a pair like they let the Air 3s out
So clear the air before I have to air your steez out
I can't compare to the players in the deep south
That's why they want to see them teeth shining in my mouth
But in my house I was raised on "What you talking bout?"
You got a problem with your squad, you squab it out
Ain't no reply to that fly shit
Swat it out
Stomp it out
I be hot when we in a drought
(?) off the top
Tell them I'm in route
So don't break them pins out or get them pinned down
It all depends on your wins don't pull them ends out

Cause if you talking bout spitting, you won't get a count
I get a mountain of money and spend a thou in a blink
Throw in a towel you don't get powers you weak
My money made daily
Like maids making beds daily for that daily bread
Till that bread make the bakery
Cake taste make me mellow flow [?]
From the 80s making paper till they pay me nigga
[Verse 2: Blu]
Ayo bless God
This for the best on the west side
Try to test get your vest and your stress fried
I'm from where them techs fly like a ref lie
And that reefer keep me higher than a red-eye
They said I was dope
I said hi
Showed up to the show and killed that shit like I was dead-eye
Best that I have ever heard was probably born in Bed-Stuy
Bet I'll be the next best if I ever get shot
Never mind the drama
Told mama it was hip-hop
Ever since I've been addicted to keeping this shit hot
Miss me with the whispers
I'm in the business of big mouths
If the figures is twisted
Figure this shit out
Shit is out of commission
Whippin' niggas lips out they face
Told them bend over the bass
Pull the record out the crate
Count the 8, the break
Killed the mic
Kissed the stage
I gave the DJ the finger and got paid nigga
[Outro: Blu (x3)]
Ayo the illest in charge
You wanna be large?
They all heard him talkin' bout..

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Songwriter(s): Blu
Record Label(s): 2013 Redefinition Records
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