I Can Never Forget You Lyrics (ft. Liquid)

I would never forget you ( the place that you brought me from)
I will never forget you (and everything you done)

I won’t forget the very place that I come from
growing up in Tampa when I was real young
you see it’s kind of rough when your living in the slum
the neighborhood was kind of tough but it was still fun
we’d come home stuff missing on a few nights
got our place robbed that’s all I knew right
my dad’s job only earning him a few dimes
the power got turned off quite a few times
but I don’t claim that the ghetto was the hardest
some of the nicest people was there irregardless
the old Cuban guy my dad always talked with
gave me a dollar when I walked him to the market
I don’t regret anyone of my hardships
I became free cause what your love did
and looking back and I can see how far I come since
it’s all cause of you and what you just did

I remember going to school getting reduced lunch
rocking hand me downs riding the school bus
and every weekend my dad would come to pick me up
we was on the bridge one time and got stuck
I heard a loud noise the engine blown up
we gotta push the car call a tow truck
man it’s kind of hard but you know what
I come so far only cause of your love
at 18 I moved out and tried to grow up
just hoping I could make it through the next month
my job’s paying me like less than six bucks
but time and time again I saw you show up
a family took me in man they showed love
I got a room from them slept on the sofa
and everything they did it meant so much
but as I reminisce my thanks go up saying..

I still remember that first little apartment
had to put the tv on a box right on the carpet
that first year married it was the hardest
crazy neighbors always fighting getting into arguments
we had each other though we didn’t need much
even when we scraped up like 33 bucks
to get our xmas tree that’s like 3 foot
it’s kind of sad to see but we was like so what
I’m working at the church plus I’m trying to rhyme
my wife’s car keeps breaking down all the time
we’ve come so far since then now I find
10 years later I got a house and I can call it mine
you’ve been so good just to her and I
anything we ever needed you still provide
that’s what I’ve seen like each and every time
I can’t forget where you’ve brought now me in my life c’mon

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